New Moon in Cancer

There is so much to say about this Cancer New Moon, but ultimately, it is a Moon of Healing.  Of reconnection, of renewal, and of rebirth in each of us.

There are so many aspects and planetary involvements in this lunation, there is so much that lives and breathes, perhaps of tears or joy, but most definitely of support and opportunity.  

The New Moon sits at 14°23’ Cancer, where the Sun and the Moon sit together at this degree of the Crab~ Cardinal Water Energy, and of the Divine Feminine and the Mother archetype.   Cancer is of our emotions and our sensitivity, but also our intuition, our early childhood years (0-7), family, ancestry, and our Home.  It is our receptivity, our personal phases and cycles- flowing like the tides, our memories, magnetism, growth and fertility, as well as our subconscious.  

This New Moon sits sandwiched between two Capricorn Full Moons, part of a special series of 3.  Capricorn is the external story where Cancer is our internal story.  It is the axis of our Privacy vs. the Public Eye, and at the center of these lunations is the Home, the Heart, and our Soul.  It is knowing what our Heart desires, what it needs, especially emotionally- because to feel, is to be Human.  

Our emotional capacity, and the ability to feel the full spectrum of emotions is our blessing…   To be able to feel fully, is to be able to love fully, and to live fully.

This New Moon conjuncts Sirius A- the fixed star known as our Spiritual Sun.  It is the wisdom from which is said where our ancestors have come; the star system that guides our spirituality, and perhaps- humanity’s spirituality as a whole. 

Across from the Sun and the Moon sits Ceres, the asteroid resonant of the Mother principle.  Ceres is the goddess of the agriculture and harvest, of fertility, and of motherhood.  In mythology, she is the mother of Persephone who is taken to the Underworld by Hades.  Because of Ceres' loss and grief, she curses the crops, with barren fields of Winter.  Growth only re-emerges in the Spring, when Persephone is returned to her side. 

This New Moon invites us into the Divine Feminine and Mother energy~ of nurturance and nourishment, but also reviewing and reflecting upon the foundations of our own inner mothering and our mother wounds.  A call to re-parenting our self and our inner children, which can experience loss and grief yet also the joy of return and rebirth.

Venus also sits with the Moon and squares Chiron, bringing up all the feels, the emotions and perhaps a tidal wave of hurt and realisations~ in regards to our relationships both with others, but also with ourselves.  Questions of our values, our relationship to money/finances, and our loves, desires, and needs… Chiron squares can feel like tough love and every planet moving through Cancer will square off with Chiron... but these transits urge us to grow, to learn, and to heal.  To become more raw and honest with ourselves; lessons in vulnerability and rediscovering who we are, requiring the utmost patience and tenderness for and by ourselves.  No judgement, no shame, no guilt, but in nurturing with love and compassion.  

This is a Moon which asks us to reflect upon our inner worlds, inner wounds, and our inner Mother~ despite what or how our birth mother may or may not have been. It asks us to be present with our inner child , to tend to, and to return to our own Innocence and Purity.  To remember that we were, and are— all children first and foremost~ Children of the Divine.  

To not give into the societal stories, narratives, programs, and pressures. To not let anything or anyone manipulate us into giving away (including subconsciously give away) our Power and birth-gifts of JOY, BLISS, and HAPPINESS.

As Venus squares Chiron, she also trines Saturn Rx in Pisces, and they both sextile Mars in Taurus.  The three create a kite formation with the asteroid Pallas Athene- who is the Feminine Warrior, though not through combat or external drive as Mars but rather through strategy and tact to achieve peace.  She represents healing, wisdom, and knowledge, and the strength of the Feminine (Athene = Athena).

This trine energy between Venus and Saturn Rx represents our current structures under review and revision (Saturn in retrograde), as those outdated and unaligned come to their end and dissolve in Pisces.  And in their place we begin to rebuild and restructure, supporting our values and beliefs; in alignment with the pillars and priorities of our life— and in the rebalancing of the Divine Feminine.  

Mars brings the strength and willpower for us to stand up and fight for what we believe in- our values, needs, and desires, and as Mars sits opposite Pallas Athene- the Feminine Warrior energy, again we are provided this beautiful cooperation- the Divine Feminine and Masculine not competing or comparing, but in harmony, support, and flow.

This truly speaks to the rebalancing of our own worlds~ and the rebirth of the beauty, peace, and love that should be and was intended by the Divine— rather than struggle or chaos- if we choose to embrace this energy.  

New Moons are for newness, for setting intentions, planting new seeds and embarking on new cycles.  And the cycle may be for this lunar month or perhaps the next 6 months until the Cancer Full Moon; either way, a moon to commit to yourself and in loving yourself more fully than ever before.  With the fierceness and wisdom of Pallas Athene, the nurturance of Ceres, and with the guidance of Sirius A and our connection to the Divine.   

This New Moon, allow yourself to heal from within.  Looking for no one external to heal you, but to know that YOU ARE YOUR OWN GREATEST HEALER.  Because No One can heal you, except for yourself. 

To remember that your intuition is your superpower.  To nurture your physical body because this is your greatest truth-teller.  To nourish your mind with what keeps you at the highest frequency possible.  And in All, to reclaim your power and your Sovereignty, especially your Emotional Sovereignty with this Cancer Moon in honouring your feelings and emotions.  

You are Powerful.
You are Beautiful.
You are Loved.
You are a Child of the Divine.  

Happy New Moon in Cancer loves,
amour gentiles.


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