Capricorn Full Moon #1

The first of two Capricorn Full Moons this Cancer Season, it makes for quite the significant invitation from the Universe.  And we mustn’t look at the moons separated but intertwined, as everything is, really.  The First of the Capricorn Full Moons is at 1°07’ on the 22nd of June 09:07HKT, and the second at 29°09’ on the 21st of July 18:17HKT.  In between is our Cancer New Moon, at 14°23’ on the 6th of July 06:57HKT.  

The Cancer-Capricorn polarity is one of the Home/Private Live vs the Outside/Public Life.  It is the safety we create within ourselves, the Crab who carries its home wherever it may go, and the Seagoat, ready and willing to conquer its journey from the oceans to the mountains regardless of obstacles or the terrain.  Cancerian energies always require us to hold this subtle inner knowing, listening to the Heart’s whispers.  Of who we are, and how we are showing up and caring for ourselves- not just physically (Taurus), mentally (Gemini), but now too, emotionally.  And as we journey though the signs, we are learning along the way- more about ourselves, and then about each other.  

Both signs are of feminine energies, and Cancer is very much feeling into life, with trust and surrender.  

Capricorn is Cardinal Earth energy.  It is the CEO/Boss of the signs, getting things done.  Accomplishments, success, and to achieve whatever it is we set our sights on.  Our dedication, commitment, and consistency.  Resilience and persistence.  Ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac, we learn the hard lessons, yet gain wisdom from experience.  Father Time is also the Lord of Karma; representing linear time, what goes around comes around, traditions, systems and structures, form and function, as well as resonating with our limitations and restrictions.  

Both Capricorn Full Moons are influenced by Neptunian energies~ as Neptune sits at the Master Degree of 29° Pisces.   This point is the culmination of the astrological cycle—the End and the Beginning; the return to One.  Of renewed purity, innocence, and of unconditional love, connected to the Universe and the Divine, with full trust, faith, and surrender.  

This first Capricorn Full Moon- Venus and Mercury, both in Cancer continue to connect the Heart with the Mind in our relationships, walking hand in hand supporting one another.  The Love that Leads, with gentle words used to heal the Heart.  And Mars in Taurus supports this Moon too, with steady and aligned action in creating the personal foundations and safety we need to rebuild upon our healed selves.  With all the personal planets in tune and in flow, we are so blessed with this Moon’s energies in showing us where we must offer ourselves more nurturing and nourishment- allowing, flowing, and being.  

As we look to the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn continues his journey through Pisces, halfway through his 3 year transit.  

As a Collective, we are witnessing a very REAL dissolution of old and outdated systems and structures... crumbling and falling,breaking and purging, so that newness can be formed.

In our personal lives, can you see what also needs to be finally dissolved, in terms of your old, outdated, or limiting beliefs systems, thought patterns, or even relationships with time and/or your ego?  How do you you stand in your own way with the fears, the worries, the anxiety~ from this need to control?  Instead, can you relinquish the ego, and hold more faith and trust in the Divine— knowing that everything is how it exactly is supposed to be, in this very moment?  Knowing that whatever it is you're fearful or worried about, doesn't matter in the eternal story of your Soul?  Knowing that everything will work out in the end?

(perhaps why the Universe has graced us with two Full Moons in Capricorn... as it knows humans need "time" to process, to hold ourselves accountable, and initiate change through dedication and consistency.  Though side note-- linear time isn’t real~ because everything, past present future and parallel, is happening all at once, and All Energy work is actually INSTANT).  

This Full Moon, we are asked to stay dedicated and committed to our craft.   To our Magic.  To honor the Mystery, and to the messages from the Universe/ God/ Goddess / Source- the Divine Creator~ in knowing that we are here as a limitless beings, part of this limitless Universe. 

To know that our gifts and our talents are to be shared with the World. To come out of our shells so we may achieve all that it is we desire. 

That one step back is wisdom gained, not failure or a testament to your worth. 

To command your own power and authority, Your Energy-- in staying disciplined and committed to you. 

To hold all of this... because you can. 

I’m Sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.

To know that whatever we are experiencing on a personal or Collective level, is all manifest by our thoughts and our beliefs, the accumulation of the Collective Consciousness' thoughts and beliefs.  All the pains and generational, societal traumas.  Yet if we’re able to hold more compassion, more understanding, more patience, and more unconditional LOVE as the Divine and Universe has for us— may we learn to forgive, and to heal.

And as we heal, new paradigms are created, new foundations, structures, and systems of belief that fuel into our Mastery, and Self-Authority… and this then feeds into the Collective Consciousness, thus bringing about new opportunities, new potentials, and a New World. 

Restructured, Rebuilt, Reborn.

Tap into your creativity during this Full Moon.  Let your imagination bring you to the most incredible and wonderful worlds… where anything and everything is possible and all your desires, your comforts, and your needs are met and exceeded.  Where abundance, peace, and pure joy exist for you, and for everyone.  

Cleanse your crystals, cleanse your home, cleanse yourself.   Water as therapy.  The ocean, the sea, the rivers, or an epsom salt bath.  Submerge yourself into the waters of your Soul.  Tap into your intuition and feel into what needs to be felt. 

Then Ground Down, and Get to Work. 

Full Moons illuminate- so that we may see clearly, so that we may let go.  To see the structures that need to be cleansed and purged.  And if the Neptune fog blocks your view, FEEL your way through... and let whatever it is, crumble and dissolve to be washed away by the waters.  

Happy First Full Moon in Capricorn loves,

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