Shungite ~ recommended for 2023

If there is one stone that I recommend for 2023, it will be SHUNGITE.  

Known as the Stone of Truth, Shungite is an ally in helping to keep us aligned energetically, in how we think, speak, and act.  It encourages us to stand in our Truth, and to eliminate that which surrounds us which is not in Truth.  When we ourselves are misaligned, or acting against our truth, we may also feel an inner discomfort or disharmony; a signal in calling for us to pay attention and to realign.  

A powerful cleansing and purification stone, shungite can even be used to purify water, similar to certain types of coal.  Shungite is also an excellent grounding stone, for those who may feel restless, flighty or disconnected from Mother Earth.  

It is also an incredible healing stone, allowing one to release any negativity, poor habits in self-sabotage, as well as feelings of guilt, shame and fear (an ongoing journey we all have).  

But one of the most important energetic factors (and why I’ve chosen this stone to be the #1 for 2023) is that it is EXTREMELY supportive in protection of EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies, aka radiation).  And as we are bombarded with wi-fi and frequencies everywhere… and with the advancement in 5g and incoming 6g+, we must protect ourselves down to the cellular levels, as we are electromagnetic beings.  

***In the Shungite product post you’ll find my testing with my Trifield EMF meter and why I always suggest NOT putting clear quartz by electronics, and the benefits of Shungite near electronics as protection instead.  Though tinfoil is king, because as you’ll see— yes, there is truth to tinfoil hats.

I am particular sensitive to the frequencies so ALWAYS carry shungite with me; as well as some other tips (if you’re interested let me know as they are not crystal based).

Shungite is carbon based, and typically polished.  There can be speckles or veins of pyrite as well laced through classic shungite.  These may seem like cracks or imperfections, but are not.  If you do work with raw shungite, you’ll find that it can also leave a black residue along your fingers/hands, etc. if not fully polished, so do handle with care (though it washes off with soap and water).

There is also another type of shungite called “elite” or “noble” shungite which has a much higher fullerene content (up to 98% carbon as tested) and found only in raw form, and is far more rare than classic shungite.    Both protect from EMFs and hold energetic properties as mentioned.  

If you’re in need of Shungite, please DM, currently available we have pyramids in 5, 8 and 10cm, as well as merkabas and a few spheres too.  

May you find the Truth you are seeking for, but also be open to receive and accept it.






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