Ohio Tabular Celestite

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We usually see Celestite from Madagascar, however this is Celestite from Clay Ohio, USA and the most obvious difference in is the formation— where this specimen has bladed/ tabular Celestite crystals.

Celestite is a gentle crystal, peaceful and calming in its energies.  I like to refer to Celestite as the “Fairy Godmother” stone, as it can induce Hope and Faith in oneself and the Unknown.  Knowing that we are so much more than only a physical human, but our true powers lie within.    

Celestite is soothing, and can reduce the inflammation in our emotions— of anger, frustration, stress, anxiety, and/or tension.  It can also aid in transmutation of the underlying pain or wounds beneath the anger— in understanding and awareness to be cleared.  

For those who do not sleep well, Celestitte is a stone which can assist if placed bedside, but also can activate lucid dreaming or receiving and retaining messages through the dreamtime.  

Resonating with the higher chakras from Throat, Third Eye, to Crown, Celestite elevates one’s awareness in life— how the subtle realms integrate and influence our physical realms.  

Tabular Celestites from Ohio in particular can also increase fluency in communication, but also more focused mental faculties— in gathering data and becoming more perceptive to all facets of situations.  Trust in one’s intuition as well as connection to Source and higher dimensions is also strengthened when working with Ohio Celestite, and having it in one’s presence.  

Ohio Celestite in particular also resonates with the Heart Chakra, unlike other Celestites (like from Madagascar or Canada).  With this frequency, one is reminded of compassion, inner peace, and to find joy and bliss in this lifetime.


Specifications: ~15cm  * 7cm * 6cm
Locale: Ohio, USA

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