Pink Optical Calcite

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A stone of Brilliance, pink optical calcite can support overall well-being with immense patience, compassion, and joy.  

Resonating with the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, this crystal works with holding increased compassion for ourselves, releasing guilt, shame, or fears, and in turn holding increased compassion for others.  

Pink Optical Calcite stimulates our awareness and cultivate better understanding of our emotions; it can aid in the release of emotional charges— where we have given permission to others allowing them to affect our emotional well-being.  Reclaiming our power, we are able to call back these charges and dissolve them instantaneously and pink calcite allows us to find that strength within our Hearts and Solar Plexus to do just this.  It holds the vibration of Unconditional Love; gentle, peaceful and connected to the energies of Guan Yin.  

Supportive of both Fire & Water energies, this is the perfect crystal for those with placements in water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.   In meditation can also aid in clearing trauma from the emotional body, ancestral patterns and generational wounds, as well as overall opening of the Heart.

Building harmony, relationships, and specifically bonds between mother and child and the Divine Feminine energy— Pink Optical Calcite is a crystal that promotes healthy emotional expression and guidance led by the Heart and Soul.


Specifications: ~6cm * 6cm * 3cm
Locale: Mexico
Care: Calcite is an extremely soft crystal, ~3-3.5 on the Mohs scale, please take special care to avoid breakage and do not submerge in water over long periods of time.


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