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Vanadanite is a stone of vitality, passion, desires, creativity, and strength.  A brilliant red color igniting the fire within each of us, Vanadanite is energizing (reduces fatigue), and promotes action and productivity, stamina and strength, and extremely helpful in the workspace in the completion of projects and achieving goals.

This crystal grows in a beautiful hexagonal formation and some can be deceivingly heavy due to the nature of their lead content. Yet also grow hollow, allowing the energy to flow from the Crown to the Root and into the Earth Star chakra. 

And as Vanadinite connects us with the Earth Star Chakra beneath our feet, it offers exceptional grounding and connection to Mother Earth’s Iron Core Crystal as well as Telluric realms (1D,2D).

Vanadanite holds Fire energies, and can help with energy conservation and focus, as well as overspending financially in aiding to save and reserve.


Chakras: Earth Star, Root & Sacral


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