Lemurian Seed

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Lemurians hold a special place in my heart, as they were the first type of crystals I began collecting once I started working more deeply with crystal energy and their wisdom.

Lemurians are clear quartz, therefore hold all the energetic properties of what we know- they are Master Healers, purifying, cleansing, and clearing.  Clear quartz activates our Crown chakra, though supports cleansing of all chakras, and brings more light to our space.  They hold the vibration of all colors and resonance— therefore can help to raise our own vibration to the highest level possible for each of us.  

Clear quartz are extremely supportive in meditation, to calm and center one’s being, as well as can awaken and enhance our spiritual gifts.

They are also ideal for programs, based on their crystalline structure— enabling us to “program” our intentions into them to help us along our journey.

The number of facets on a clear quartz (typically 6, however 5, 7, and 8 are also possible) correlate with the number of intentions that can be programmed into the crystal.  Therefore typically one crystal point (natural) can carry 6 intentions or programs we may wish to be assisted with.  

Clear quartz are also amplifying, therefore pair with other crystals to encourage the energies which we need.  

Lemurian Seeds are all of the above, however also carry the wisdom of Ancient Lemuria (if you’re curious about this, let me know!).  This particular crystal is not considered a true twin, as there are two bodies formed together however the larger of the two does hold a left timelink window— said to hold capability of peering into the “past” (though time is not actually linear) but rather, other dimensions and parallel lives.  Left timelink window activators can also help clear issues upon the right side of the physical body— such as pains, aches, or discomfort.  

The smaller of the crystal (right) also does have an “isis” face, one which resonates with our Divine Feminine energy, in supporting our inner knowing, intuition, creativity, and Unconditional love.  

At the base of this crystal also has slight golden healer vibrations~ to support our inner child healing and the journey in clearing and encouraging self-worth and self-love.  

An extremely special Lemurian seed, with stories to tell, I’m sure.  

Specifications: ~8cm
Locale: Minas Gerais, Brazil

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