Amethyst Cluster with Trigonic Record Keepers

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Amethyst is an abundant crystal.

Yes, it can also be overlooked because it’s considered “basic”, as most everyone knows of amethyst even if you’re not an avid crystal collector.

“It’s the purple crystal and it comes from Brazil.”

Yes, the above is true, however Amethyst also is found in so many different locales around the world, and each locale is distinct in it’s own form and energy.

Note: I was never a huge amethyst person (at one point also thinking it’s too “common”) however there really is such a wide spectrum of amethyst, once you start to explore.

Amethyst is such an energetically versatile crystal, as it holds the frequency of peace, harmony, and protection.  Crystal geodes are often used for feng shui (including the burnt amethyst they try to sell as citrine, iykyk).  Some also suggest amethyst for cleansing and purification (of jewelry and other crystals) though I prefer clear quartz for that.  

Amethyst resonates with our Third Eye and Crown chakras, inviting us to deepen our trust in our own inner knowing as well as the Divine; knowing that we are always connected and unconditionally loved.  It can be a supportive crystal in our spiritual journeys, through meditation and psychic protection.  

Amethyst can also support us in breaking poor patterns and behaviours, as well as moving through self-imposed mental blocks.  A crystal to lift our spirits, our emotional well-being, and to also garner a renewed sense of appreciation— that comes with every new day we are given.  

The color purple is closely tied with royalty in it’s historic roots.  The Purple ray is also connected with Amethyst, relating to our spiritual growth.  

This particular amethyst has incredible chunky points (adore!) and each crystal is nestled into one another giving it such a beautiful composition.  Each root also has imprints, which are clearly defined through the striations along each crystal body.  The color of this amethyst shows up differently- you’ll see all photos were taken in natural daylight, at times looks darker purple but then glows from within too.  There are hints of smokey as well as a tiny bit of citrine in the base on one side… overall this cluster radiates in a way which is indescribable, and all you can do is smile with gratitude.

Also full of trigonic record keepers on multiple faces, this cluster is quite incredible.  

Respect to the Amethyst. 🙌🙌🙌

Specifications: ~13cm * 12cm * 11cm
Locale: Zambia
Care: Avoid direct sunlight as the deep purple color can fade.  

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