Amethyst Geode

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We have a rekindled love with Amethyst lately… though it is extremely abundant and “traditional” especially when it comes to feng shui, it is a stone which Mother Earth must think we need such of~ resonating to the frequency of our Intuition, Peace and Harmony.

This Amethyst Geode is quite special to us, mined in 2016, it has been in our Collection since we found her in a show in 2019.  She is pale lilac in color, and displays and amethyst flower— which has an eye, as well as her inner points stained with red hematite giving more character, depth, and liveliness.   She is also part agate, where you’ll find bands of the light blue and white agate surrounding the exterior of the amethyst crystals (some which are clear quartz too, for amethyst is a variation of clear quartz after all!).   Her exterior layers then move into a peach chalcedony, covered by her exterior shell of sedimentary rock.

She is calming, caring, and soothing to the Soul when held.  Sharing her inner knowing and reminding us of our inner knowing and wisdom- all held withIN… but also she emits a sense of grace, beauty, and connection.  

To remind us that our worries are wastes of energy; that worries may not even manifest unless we continue to place our energy INTO them… which then, we’ve created the self-fulfilling prophecy aka, the very simplified law of attraction.  If we make ourselves available to worries, the more we call them into our energetic field.  Therefore Amethyst can calm and cool the mind, and relieve stress and tension— allies in reminding us to stay present, and to recenter ourselves always.  

I adore her aesthetics, with the range in colors, and difference in her layers— reminding us that we are not just one type of person, but we are Multi-faceted, Multi-layered, and Multi-Dimensional Beings.  

Specifications: ~6cm * 5cm * 4.5cm
Locale: Morocco

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