Clear Apophyllite with Peach Stilbite

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Another absolutely stunning Clear Apophyllite cluster with peach stilbite— water clear points with chlorite and red hematite inclusions.  This cluster is graceful, gentle, and an absolute beauty to have in one’s presence.  

Clear Apophyllite resonates with the Crown Chakra, in opening, cleansing, and clearing so that we may create a conscious connection between the spiritual and physical realms.  It is suitable for meditation and spiritual work, in connection to the Divine, and reminding us that we are all perfect already.  

Apophyllite aids in recognising the truth in all situations, and therefore brings forth a calming and cooling energy (also beneficial to those who have too much “fire”).   

It is a crystal which allows us to reflect upon the Self; in recognising our imperfections however not from a place of guilt or shame, but from a space of betterment and growth— in the name of loving our Self more.
It carries the vibration of Universal Love, and reminds us that we are all loved unconditionally by the Divine, and this life, we are here to learn how to love ourselves unconditionally, in every way, shape, and form possible… by honouring our WHOLE Self, and our values, and our truths in every thought, feeling, and action we take.

With chlorite and red hematite inclusions, this specimen resonates deeply with the Heart and the Soul.  It calls to us to dive into, and to embrace our vulnerability— the water clear points showing us that we have nothing to hide— especially from ourselves.  Honesty, truth, authenticity, sincerity, and purity… Keeping it real, from the Heart.  

Note: She also self stands.

Specifications: ~6cm * 4.5cm * 2cm
Locale: Maharashtra, India

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