Clear Quartz with Epidote flowers

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We’ve seen lots of clear quartz specimens over the years, from all over the world, however what caught our eye in this cluster was the epidote flower.  A perfectly petal-ed solo flower sitting upon a bed of beautiful clear quartz.  

Epidote is a Stone of Enhancement— which can expand all that we are holding onto, thinking or feeling, - whether High Vibration or Low Vibration.  In this sense, it creates a sense of presence and conscious awareness- in connecting with our thoughts and our feelings; so that we aren’t getting trapped in a downwards spiral.  It is a cheerleader, yet also a gentle nudge, in learning how to master the mind.   

Epidote can dispel negativity- however not in the way where we can assume the crystal magically erase our troubles.  In every moment of everyday we are co-creating with the Divine, the lives we wish to live.  Epidote is here to enhance all that we wish to create; so our intentions and actions can also flow with greater ease and in a higher frequency.  

A supportive ally for those who may have a tendency to worry; as a kind reminder that thoughts are things, and while working with epidote, our worries will also only expand.  Presence with the Self, rather than automatic being.  

Clear quartz can be found all over the world, as one of the most abundant minerals in the Earth’s crust, after feldspar.  Quartz is also a natural amplifier, expanding upon any surrounding energies.  Resonating with all chakras, it is cleansing, purifying, and can activate our Crown Chakra in bringing more light from Source into our physical bodies, which can be brought down through the Root chakra to ground into Mother Earth.    

This specimen is uplifting, empowering and a beautiful ally— clear quartz with epidote provides a bigger powerhouse of expansion; Go Big or Go Home.

Locale: Sichuan, China
Specifications: ~10cm * 9cm * 4cm
Chakras: Root, Crown


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