Black Calcite / Dragon Scale Calcite

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One of the most stunning and incredible formations of black calcite, named “Dragon Scale Calcite”.  As many of you know, calcite is one of my absolute favourite crystals and this one is pretty top of my list (next to elmwoods).  

Dragon Scale Calcite is from the Sweetwater Mine in Missouri, where  we’ve collected other calcite specimens from, though more in the yellow and green range.  These black calcites also have tendencies of green and grey as well; and in the light some shine golden yellow.  They are extremely rare and the vein has been completely mined out, so all crystals in the market are now in collections or in the garages of miners still waiting to be released.  

We acquired these specimens from one of our miner’s friends, and consider them an investment, but more importantly, one of Mother Earth’s creations as a gift to us.  

Black calcite is absolutely magical, protective, and holds the energy of empowerment and inner strength.  A powerful crystal ally, to those who it may call to.  

Shamans used black calcite for protection during their energy and astral work, as well as pulling out darkness from those who were infected.  

Black calcite also holds an extremely strong grounding energy; calming the entire physical body, focused on the nervous system when held close.  It can also aid in cleansing the auric body; removing and transmuting any energetic debris or negativity.  

It reminds the guardian of their own inner strength and power- an energy which is of the Divine, and that anything is possible.  Break throughs in personal blockages (emotional or mental) can be supported by black calcite- found in the wisdom and experience of the ancestors.  

Resonating with the Root, Heart and the Third Eye chakra, this crystal also strengthens our intuition connected with our Heart— yet remembering to have two feet placed firmly on the ground.  

The phantoms on this specimen are clearly visible (seen in the close up photo), and a marcasite and pyrite glitter can be seen within.  Along the bottom of the crystal (where it was fractured, it cleaves almost perfectly flat due to the nature of calcite growth), the cleaved surface also displays a beautiful core of a lighter colored, almost clear calcite, and a fine layer of pyrite sprinkling in between.

The secondary point of the crystal is also self-healed; seen up close in the video.  

This is one of the smaller pieces we’ve brought into our collection, if you’d like to see larger ones, or have any inquiries, please dm. 


Specifications: ~14.5cm  * 10cm * 6.5cm
Locale: Sweetwater Mine, Missouri, USA

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