Tanzanite Fluorite on Clear Quartz with Pyrite

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Fluorites for Gemini Season, and this Gemini New Moon.

This fluorite gets its name for it’s brilliant color similar to Tanzanite crystals— the same hypnotic purple-blues which carry so much depth even though smaller in size.  (if you’ve never seen a tanzanite crystal, search!, the color is stunning).  The formation of each fluorite is incredible as well— as you can see zoning and the details in the facets of each crystal.  

Fluorite is a stone of the mind, relating to the element of Air.  It is known as the Stone of Genius, and brings clarity in decision making, and mental focus.  Supportive for learning (especially studies- making it perfect for students/study desk space), this crystal is perfect for those who embark on new studies or those who are students of life… though aren’t we all.

Each color fluorite resonates with a different energy, and this Tanzanite fluorite on Clear Quartz resonates with our Upper chakras— Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.  Encouraging us to listen and trust our intuition, transforming this inner knowing into clear and powerful communication— in how we express ourselves.  

Sitting upon a bed of clear quartz, this supports one with clarity, purification, and cleansing— as well as amplifying the fluorite’s wisdom.  Specs of pyrite are also seen in the base, offering a bit of sparkle and shine, abundance, grounding, and good fortune.  

Fluorite is also known as an aid in shielding from EMFs (though Shungite is still our top recommendation), so placed by the computer or electronics can also be beneficial.


Specifications: ~17cm  * 8cm * 3cm
Locale: Fujian, China

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