General Notes on Purchasing Crystals

As the Crystal industry continues to grow, a number of fake and treated crystals can be found on the market.  This is why it's so important to know and trust who you're purchasing crystals from, and where the crystals are from. Like any industry, there is a dark side, exploitation, poor ethics, and un-sustainability. 

We do our best to source directly from miners and families, meeting and speaking with them through our travels to shows so we know where and how are crystals are brought up from the Earth, and eventually, to you.

Because knowing the background of where a crystal is born, gives us a better understanding of the land and the wisdom that it may share with us~ just as we have our own history and ancestry lines, may we also honor the birthplace and original home of our crystal allies.

As you deepen your own understanding and connection with crystals, you'll also begin to recognize that names/locales provided by some sellers are not even correct...

And because heat-treated, dyed, or lab-grown crystals are becoming more commonplace, if you're unsure-- be sure to ask the seller.  Reputable sellers should know if a crystal has been treated or not by Mother Earth and disclose this information to you with full transparency.  Also by advising the locale, this also may allow you to build closer connection with the crystal, giving it the proper integrity and respect in its being. 

Energetically, crystals can hold wounds and trauma as well~ and this is why it's also so important to cleanse your crystals as soon as you bring them home or receive them. 



Bottom line:
Don't be afraid to ask, as everything is energy, and ultimately, crystals are energies we bring into our homes- our sacred space.  If you're unsure about anything, ASK and trust your intuition (even if you've never worked with crystals before, do you trust the seller? and how does the seller respond?)  Do your homework, and make sure the crystal that's being sold is truly the crystal that the seller is claiming it to be. 

Afterall, you're purchasing a crystal to support your journey, you want it to be the one that you're looking for. 

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