about us


We are- the Cosmic Child and together, form the Holy Trinity.

Our name is an ode to our home, Mother Earth- the Stone,
and the Light of our solar system, Father Sun- the Star.

As our Cosmic Parents, we are forever grateful for their everlasting and unconditional love and support.

-Stone & Star



Stone & Star was founded to share the beauty and wonders of crystals and the Cosmos, and how they can become allies in our own journeys of healing, finding inner peace, joy, and happiness.

Through listening and tuning into their wisdom and energies, they may support us in reclaiming and reconnecting us to our own personal powers, gifts, and talents- so that we may live more aligned with our Selves, and our true life path.

Every crystal brought into our Stone & Star collection has been hand-selected, and although each crystal is not for everyone, we do believe that when you find the right crystal, a special connection will be made.

Joyce is a Modern Day Medicine Woman for those who seek wellness and empowerment in their own journeys of healing and self-re-discovery.  Through years of studies and spiritual practices, she has expanded her energy, crystal, and astrology services to those who are ready to receive and step into, and embody the next greatest version of their Whole Selves. 

Because we are each here to live in the fullest expression of our Soul, reclaiming our Sovereignty, and always-- with Unconditional Love from the Universe, God/Goddess, Source, and True Jesus.

With Light~
Open Hearts, Brave Souls.




PS: We do our best to source crystals with ethical intentions, meeting the miners and vendors in person as much possible (through traveling to shows and continual relationships development).  With every package we send, we do our best to use conscious materials and reused packaging materials when possible.