Nothing in Nature Rushes...

Nothing in nature rushes.

So why do we?

Waiting at a stop light today trying to organize my day (already running late from a toddler tantrum), I paused to look out the window to see the trees and received this message:

“Nothing in Nature rushes… so why do we?”

There is so much wisdom surrounding this simple lesson, in the seasons, in the cycles, in Divine timing, and just how we run on artificial time, yet it is what it is.   How much of our day is dictated by structures that are so disconnected from how the Earth actually works, and how disconnected in turn, WE are, from our Cosmic Mother.  

As we prepare for the Cosmic New year, the rebirth of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, may we all remember to return to Nature, to our Mother, who holds unconditional love for us.  May we learn to reconnect our Souls to her; rather than disconnect (consciously or unconsciously).  

May we remember how to trust in Divine Timing, and that it is perfect timing.  
May we remember, we are always connected to the Divine, and are Of the Divine.

Happy Day of Jupiter… I hope this message also brings you a bit of expansion in your own life and relationship to Mother Earth…




Original date of publishing: 16 March, 2023

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