Aquamarine with Silver Mica Rosettes

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Aquamarine is a crystal which supports tranquility, calmness, and peace.  Supportive for those who may be more emotional and sensitive, it reminds one that emotions don’t last forever, and are meant to be felt as part of the human experience.  Once we are able to fully feel them, we can move through them, and when ready, release them.  

For when we release what needs be,
We are released and free from them as well.

Aquamarine resonates with our Heart and Throat chakras, opening our Heart to give and receive more love, compassion, and kindness; as well as easing and conveying increased clarity in our communication with others.

Our greatest power is in the present moment, but it is also in our VOICE.  For silence is consent and compliance, and we cannot afford to stay silent in this day and age.   

For Women, Aquamarine supports the Throat chakra tremendously— speaking up and out, without fear and hesitation but instead with courage and strength.  It is empowering, direct, and the vocalisation supports her intuition.

For Men, Aquamarine can support true and fuller expression and connection of his emotions, that which may have been suppressed due to shame or fear.   

For both, Aquamarine can cool the temper, calm frustrations, and reduce anxiety.  

It’s color relates to the sea, the elements of water, and reminds us to flow, while offering a cleansing and purifying energy.

This aquamarine has multiple tiny terminated crystals on one end, and large silver mica rosettes along the side and the other end.  The rosettes are incredible up close, and add another energetic layer of protective energies, especially against negativity.

Specifications: ~6.5cm * 1.5cm * 1.5cm
Locale: Pakistan

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