Cleansing Kit with Abalone Shell

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Our cleansing bundle with additional Palo Santo and a beautiful Abalone Shell for all your cleansing needs. 

Included is: One polished Abalone Shell for smudging, sustainably grown California white sage bundle (1), ethically sourced Eucadorian Palo Santo Holy wood (3), Peruvian Palo Santo Incense (2), and homegrown organic lavender.

Each bundle also comes with a selenite crystal (1) for an additional method of cleansing and charging of crystals and support for the self.

All cleansing goods come neatly packaged in an glass jar with cork top, also useful in preserving these smudging tools until use. 


California White Sage (USA) is ~10cm in length
Palo Santo wood (Ecuador) and incense (Peru) are ~10cm in length
Selenite (Morocco)
Dried Roses & Lavender (USA)
Abalone Shell (New Zealand) is ~10-13cm


As all components are natural, so colors and patterns may vary slightly.


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