The 3-6-9 Container (Mentorship)

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As we continue to move into this "8" Year, a New Year offers unlimited and unexpected opportunities and possibilities; and‎ as‎ we‎ bring‎ with‎ us‎ the‎ wisdom‎ from‎ prior‎ years, ‎ we‎ choose‎ what‎ to‎ carry‎ onwards,‎ while‎ leaving‎ behind‎ what‎ no‎ longer‎ serves‎ us.

This new offering is for 2024: the 3-6-9 container which is 1:1 mentorship, guidance, and support based on a duration of your choice: 3, 6, or 9* months of this Lunar Year of the Wood Dragon.


The container is, and looks different for everyone but will hold a safe and sacred space for your personal growth and evolution.  Based on your goals, desires, dreams, and ambitions for the coming year, these will be integrated with your natal chart and energetic signature-- dancing with insights from the Stars and Neutrino fields along the way. 

Through each month, the following will be prepared and discussed:

- Personalized Monthly Energetic Overview to support your goals and desires

- Live Check ins, with any outstanding or specific questions you may have (x2/month)

- Cosmic Energy Highlights including key dates and planetary movements, including main support and challenges impacting your personal journey
- New & Full Moons insights and their potential personal effects upon each cycle; how to prepare as well as navigate the lunar energies, in-tune & flow

- Suggested rituals, and prompts to give extra attention and energy to**

- Additional energetic tools, crystals, practices, and other love notes to help support you through the container**

*All readings can be done in person or via video conference
** Notes and energies will be prepared and emailed or linked each week during of the Container (both written & voice)

This is not a space where I tell you what to do, but as guidance and a collaborative effort, in knowing what lies ahead energetically, expanding your own conscious awareness~ in challenges & flow, and how to navigate the current energies to your greatest potential, while staying centered and grounded in your being. 

2024 is an expansive year and holds many opportunities and possibilities; we must know what is most aligned and authentic to us.  In creating this container may this support and confirm what you actually already know within your inner being, as we walk along this path together... this path- called LIFE.

Open Hearts, Brave Souls. 


If you should have any questions, please reach out:

3 Month Container: 90 days from with the intake month committed

6 Month Container: 120 days from with the intake month committed

9 Month Container: 270 days from with the intake month committed +PLUS until 29 January, 2025 (Aquarius New Moon 2025/ Lunar New Year- max full lunar year), thus the 9 months is actually 12 :)

The 3-6-9 Container will require from you:

- Birthdate (DD/MM/YY)
- Exact Birthtime*
- City of Birth

*Birthtime is extremely important as it determines your rising
sign, which in turn can affect the houses and other planetary
placements; if you are unsure, please contact the birth
registrar/hospital/place of birth which may have this information

*As Sovereign beings, we always hold full responsibility for ourselves; with the power of choice and free-will.  This container and guidance does not confirm anything set in stone, but is awareness and knowledge in how to work with the energies to support your greatest and highest potential-- however your thoughts and actions in the end... are solely, up to you. 

Take what you need, and leave the rest. 

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