Black Tourmaline with Smokey Quartz

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Black tourmaline and Smokey Quartz together is such a powerful combination for saying bye-bye to bad vibes, protecting, and transmuting unwanted negativity and energies.

Excellent for grounding, both crystals connect us with the the Cosmic Mother- Mother Earth through our Root Chakra, down to her core.  Black tourmaline can be used to ease anxiety and stress, mental negativity, and can offer protection when carried, worn as jewellery, or placed in one’s space.  Placement at doorways/ entrances or by windows (openings of the home), can further protect from any unwanted energies.  

And because Black Tourmaline works so effectively, it’s important to cleanse them at least once a month.  Our preferred method is with sacred smoke (sage/mugwort/ other herbs or incense), a selenite plate, or by the Full Moon light.  Sunlight for a few hours can also cleanse and recharge.  

This particular specimen is from Erongo, Namibia and has beautiful luster and shine for black tourmaline. The black tourmaline crystals are an “acicular” or “mercedes benz” formation (this is 100% a marketing term btw)— where the terminations create a triangular, 3-pointed pattern. 

The cluster of crystals reminds us of a family or a community/tribe, journeying together in supporting one another along the way- each sitting at different angles and different positions on the feldspar/smokey base, as if on the look-out to keep one another safe and secure from 360° around.  The bigger crystals also carry baby crystals, like parents and their children; though surrounded by other larger crystals too— and tells me a story which my fellow parents may understand— to raise a child, it really takes a village.  

Protective, nurturing, secure, and stable, the black tourmalines sit on top of a bed of smokey quartz and feldspar, which provides even more protection from negativity but also fosters a stronger connection to our Divine Feminine energy within— our intuition, our inner knowing, and self-trust and love.  


Specifications: ~8cm * 4.5cm * 4cm
Locale: Erongo, Namibia

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