Botryodial Malachite with Chrysocolla

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This crystal allows us to slow down and return inwards, celebrating new beginnings, transformation, and/or chapters of our lives, to be led by our Heart.  

Malachite-Chrysocolla resonates with our Heart and Throat Chakras, yet also activating and clearing all chakras together.  Often times found growing together (also alongside cobaltian calcite, nickel and other minerals) this particular crystal supports our creativity, confidence, as well as forging our leadership qualities in building harmony, loyalty, and responsibility in business and partnerships.  

Botryodial Malachite and Chrysocolla can also help foster clarity in making conscious decisions, connecting our minds and our hearts, giving us the courage to communicate our Heart’s desires (Malachite is one of the few masculine energy Heart Chakra crystals).   Botryodial shaped Malachite also eases the flow of all; energetically will expand and flow energy in more directions than any other configurations of crystals (natural formations).  

For those with negative emotions, this combination can be extremely helpful in releasing tension, stress, sadness, etc.  understanding the greater importance of life, accepting responsibility for the self, and encouraging our inner strength and physical vitality.  


Specifications: ~7.5cm * 7cm * 4.5cm
Locale: DR Congo

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