Check-In Cards

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Check-in cards are a beautiful tool to have a “True-Hearted conversation with Yourself.”

A series of 45 different topics from general inquiry of Starting and Ending the day to how we may interpret and understand how stress, boundaries, frustration,  being ourselves, letting go, trust, and loss may affect our physical, mental, and emotional selves.  

How do we feel about our priorities, or when we’re triggered and upset?  How do we react to pain, overwhelm, or challenge?   Do we become reactive or pause, and choose to be responsive?  

A chance to inquire deeper, through a series of questions and prompts, reflecting a bit more, and understand ourselves better.  

From the site:
“Check-in Cards provides you with the tools to have a real conversation with yourself. By asking yourself the right questions, you are invited to listen to yourself and add new dimensions to your consciousness. Save yourself hours of reading, studying and searching and let the cards be your guide to (stay) tuned into life on a daily basis.”

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