Chlorite included Clear Quartz Sphere with Rainbows

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A beautifully polished clear quartz sphere, with chlorite as well as happy rainbows all included.  

Clear Quartz is the second most abundant crystal in the Earth’s crust, and it’s structure is why it holds such special energy… in both  science applications but also metaphysically.  Clear quartz is pizeoelectric, with the ability to amplify and conduct electricity based on the pressure applied. That’s why so many electronics utilize the powers of clear quartz, from phones to computers, to speakers and more.  

For metaphysical support, Clear Quartz‎ are‎ Master‎ Healers,‎ purifying,‎ cleansing,‎ and‎ clearing.‎ ‎ Clear‎ quartz‎ activates‎ our‎ Crown‎ chakra,‎ though‎ supports‎ cleansing‎ of‎ all‎ chakras,‎ and‎ brings‎ more‎ light‎ to‎ our‎ space.‎ ‎ They‎ hold‎ the‎ vibration‎ of‎ all‎ colors‎ and‎ resonance—‎ therefore‎ can‎ help‎ to‎ raise‎ our‎ own‎ vibration‎ to‎ the‎ highest‎ level‎ possible‎ for‎ each‎ of‎ us.‎ ‎

⁣Clear‎ quartz‎ are‎ extremely‎ supportive‎ in‎ meditation,‎ to‎ calm‎ and‎ center‎ one’s‎ being,‎ as‎ well‎ as‎ can‎ awaken‎ and‎ enhance‎ our‎ spiritual‎ gifts.‎

Chlorite is the  green inclusion and resonates with the Heart, in opening, holding more compassion, and self-love.  Its energy is deeply connected to Mother Earth, and her nature spirits.

Filled with rainbows, and Divine Connection and love, we adore this special sphere from our personal collection.

Specifications: 60mm
Locale: Minas Gerais, Brazil

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