Cobaltian Calcite with Botryoidal Chrysocolla

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Cobaltian Calcite is ALL Heart.   Resonating with our Upper Heart Chakra, this crystal supports emotional and heart healing.  It aids in the release of wounds and traumas which we’ve been carrying, negativities to be transmuted, no matter how deep rooted they may be.  Holding the vibration of stability and love, this crystal can be used in relearning to unconditionally love and (re)parent our inner child; with compassion, patience, nurturing, and being gentle with oneself.   

Cobaltian Calcite helps to promote joy and happiness, as well as optimism and creativity.  This crystal also connects to the energies of Kwan Yin, and the Divine Feminine energy.   It encourages our emotions to flow freely~ especially if they’ve been suppressed.  To surrender to our vulnerability knowing that Unconditional Love from the Divine is always available to us; we only need to be open in receiving it all.    

The botryoidal Chrysocolla are covered in quartz druzy, and they aids in communication, in resonating with the throat chakra; speaking from the heart— as the Throat chakra is where our power lies.  It is also supportive of gentleness in emotions and the Divine feminine energy, and can also help to release stress and anxiety.

Malachite also sits throughout this crystal, hiding in the botryoidal chrysocolla as well as the between the clear calcite on the under.  Also resonating with the Heart chakra— it encourages new beginnings and releases of negative emotions and blocks as well.

I find this combination of crystals is supportive to our heart, throat, and third eye chakras. Malachite and Cobaltian calcite for the Heart- strong opening and healing, while working through our throat chakra for clarity in communicating our Heart’s desires.  The chrysocolla also adds a playful element in it’s bubble/ball formation, and aids in spiritual awareness with encouraging trust in our intuition and clairvoyance- an overall balancing and beautiful energy crystal.


Specifications: ~11cm * 10cm * 5cm
Locale: DR Congo

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