Cosmic Check-In (Current Transits)

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Each reading will provide an update on the current Cosmic energies and how they may be affecting you personally, in relation to your Natal chart.  The intention of this reading is for you to gain further understanding in the current events in your life (especially if you may have some questionable moments/situations), and how you may proceed with increased awareness.  Guidance and insights will also be provided which may relate to your day-to-day, in planning, prioritizing, or in (re)focusing your energies. 

During this session, the immediate 3 months will be discussed, unless there are other major key transits which may need attention or questions you may have in regards to the current events in your life.

*This is not a natal chart reading, therefore details about your natal placements will not be covered (therefore beneficial if you have some knowledge and understanding about your natal chart or have had a natal chart reading prior, though not necessary). 

Each session is ~60-75 minutes, in our Residency in Pacific Place Apartments, OR a written pdf can be sent to you.

Please advise in the notes section during check out an we will confirm via email. 


Cosmic Check-In Readings will require:

- Birthdate (DD/MM/YY)
- Exact Birthtime*
- City of Birth

*Birthtime is extremely important as it determines your rising sign, which in turn can affect the houses and other planetary placements; if you are unsure, please contact the birth registrar/hospital/place of birth which may have this information documented.


*As Sovereign beings, and always hold full responsibility for ourselves; with the power of choice and free-will.  This reading does not confirm anything set in stone, but is a guide to the energies and the neutrino fields which may affect your upcoming year; this is but a guide in how to work with the energies to support your greatest and highest potential-- however your thoughts and actions in the end... are soley, up to you. 

Take what you need, and leave the rest.

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