Dalnegorsk Calcite

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There is something so uniquely special about this pale peachy specimen of scalenohedral calcite from Dalnegorsk, Russia.  Dalnegorsk is a notable locale of crystals, quite famous now from their range of calcites, to fluorites and other rare minerals.  

Much of the calcite from this locale grows in clamshell shapes; however this cluster holds many double terminated crystals, sitting upon a larger fan-like base.  Siderite crystals also are visible, integrated with the calcite growth.  

Calcite is an energetic vacuum cleaner, and purifies, transmutes, and removes any density or stagnant energy that we may be carrying.  Calcite is known as the Stone of Brilliance- encouraging us to find our own light, and to shine bright.

This particular specimen may also bring more creativity into the space, igniting ideas, visionary direction, and power to achieve them  

Clear calcite resonates with the Third Eye and Crown chakras, and a burst of cleansing and activation felt immediately in the upper sinus cavity and straight into the Pineal Gland- as if awakening… connection to Source is also felt, with energy drawn downwards into the Self.  Suggested that a strong grounding crystal may be paired with this calcite, or feet on the Earth to aid in bringing down the energy through the chakras and into manifestion of the physical.

This crystal is definitely not for just anyone, so if you feel the connection; please let us know.

Specifications: ~7cm * 4cm * 3cm
Locale: Dalnegorsk, Russia

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