Elmwood Barite on Sphalerite

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Elmwood is one of the most infamous mines in the crystal collector world.  Known for the honey colored scalenohedral calcite, these mines are actually focused on mining zinc— where the calcite and other crystals are only a byproduct.  There are 3 mines from which Elmwood are known for and each piece is smuggled out of the mine via lunchboxes by the miners (think coleman coolers, not your brown paper bags).  Becoming increasingly more collectible due to the closing of the mines due to lack of funding, many pieces on the market are in collections now or still in the garages of the miners.  So neat ya.  

Elmwood Barite typically grows on the calcite however here is a specimen of a Barite ball, on sphalerite.  The sphalerite is extremely lustrous and has tints of deep red in the sunlight.  Sphalerite is an extremely grounding crystal, the weight alone (if you have a chance to hold sphalerite), will instantly connect you with Mother Earth’s core.  It fosters a deeper understanding in how Mother Earth is able to take our stagnant and dense energies, and transmute them back into her creation, and in this case also inspires us to become more of Co-Creators as well.  

Sphalerite can also help prevent physical fatigue and over-exertion of energies, in reminding ourselves to hold better boundaries while maintaining connection with others.  Dispelling anxiety and stress, sphalerite is protective, strengthening of our lower chakras, and initiates reclaiming of one’s own power.  

And though it seems at first a masculine energy stone, sphalerite has a beautiful balance of feminine and masculine energies~ which in turn also can support us in balancing our own Divine Masculine and Feminine within.  

Barite is the beige crystal, and it sometimes grows in blades, prismatic, or tabular (orthorhombic) formations however in this specimen grows as a cluster therefore the tiny crystals have grown in a ball formation which reminds us of a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Paired on top of the sphalerite is just happiness too us.  

Barite is a crystal that connects us to the etherial and causal planes; activating the Third Eye and Crown chakras, it facilitates meditation practices as well as psychic gift development.  It reminds us that we are more than only human/material form, and this physical body homes a Soul which is connected to the Divine.   

Barite is a stone of expansion— in manifesting one’s dreams without limitation or restraint.  It motivates one to bring the intangible into the tangible, removing all obstacles in the way with a sense of calm, coolness, and collectedness.   Barite symbolises that anything and everything is possible—  and that it all starts with your own belief.  

Supportive in removing toxins from the body, Barite can also help the vision, and assist in recovery from addictions especially during the withdrawal phase; calming the nervous system and mind.


Specifications: ~9cm  * 7cm * 5.5cm
Locale: Elmwood Mine, Tennessee

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