Green, Red, Clear Apophyllite with Peach Stilbite

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Apophyllite was one of my favorite crystals when I first started collecting.  I was told green apophyllite was for money (the sales pitch), and although it can be, I  realized it was much more for the Heart.  Green Apophyllite holds a gentle energy, connected to Mother Earth, and bridges the spiritual and the physical realms.  It is a reminder that we are the Earth keepers, and as we are Human with a Soul— we are connected to the Divine/Source/God/Goddess and this connection is held in Unconditional Love.   

Activating the Heart Chakra, we are able to open our hearts, and allow forgiveness and release.  There is a dissolving occurring when this happens, for the pains and the wounds melt into the ethers, and no longer hold their place in our bodies, both physical and emotional.  This allows one to clear away the density, and in turn, creates the path for more light within.  

Red Apophyllite is the most rare of all the apophyllite colors, holding both a spiritual energy but also a grounding energy.  It resonates with the Root and the Upper chakras, and holds a masculine energy; allowing this piece to balance itself out.  

Perched on top of the Apopyllite is also a peach Stilbite flower and bowtie; Stilbite has one of the softest energies amongst all crystals (imo).  It is deeply feminine, and holds the vibration of compassion, joy, peace, and tranquility-- instantly felt within the Heart.  It is also a stone of detoxification- in moving through any heavy emotions, grief, or loss- providing a strong crystal ally which can be held close in times of need.  

Apophyllite can also support action in recognising and acting for the Truth— in all situations.  There may be fear (rejection/ill-validation from others) however this is to be aligned with our Soul’s integrity, no matter how the ego may convince us with otherwise.  And so Apophyllite also resonates with the Soul Star Chakra— “the seat of our Soul”, connection to where the Higher Self is, and the bridge with the Divine.   This eighth chakra allows us to realize that we are infinite beings of light— that we are so much more than a Human body; however the body is merely a vessel in which we experience duality on Earth.  We are connected to the Universe, and the Universe is within us.  We are One.  

This connection will also allow us to understand this life’s purpose, and our Soul’s lessons and journey— with the ability to access one’s Akashic Records when requested.  And as apophyllite connects us to this chakra, we also are able to eliminate the ego and place it in the backseat (rather than the driver)… releasing attachments, expectations and material realms which may have kept us bound to the 3D.   

There is such a warm and loving embrace from this specimen, placed in the main living area of a home, can bring joy, harmony, and openness of the Heart.  


Specifications: 17cm  * 12cm * 4.5cm
Locale: Maharashtra, India

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