Gypsum after Glauberite Psuedomorph

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Psuedomorphs are in their own category when it comes to crystal collection— “a pseudomorph is a mineral or mineral compound that appears in an atypical form, resulting from a substitution process in which the appearance and dimensions remain constant, but the original mineral is replaced by another. The name literally means "false form”.”

Glauberite is the original mineral in this crystal specimen, however gypsum has taken on the form of the glauberite, creating this pseudomorph.  Glauberite in its original form is extremely brittle and powders— therefore doesn’t last long; therefore most specimens in the market are all pseudomorphs, whether with gypsum or calcite.

Gypsum energetically, is extremely cleansing, in purification and healing.  It resonates with our Root and Crown chakras, unblocking any stagnant energy, and activating the wheels within.  It can provide clarity in our inner knowing- strengthening our intuition as well as our connection to the Divine.  All while still staying grounded and rooted into Mother Earth.

While holding this crystal, it provides a sense of calm and serenity, knowing that all will be well.  Reminding us a bit of “bones” and framework, it supports a sense of foundation, structure, and form— also resonating with Saturnian energies of commitment and dedication.  Step by step, as each gypsum crystal forms the whole— a bridge to achieving our goals and visions.  

A crystal for those who may need gentle reminders as to not to get ahead of oneself— but in building solid foundations through commitment to one’s journey.  

Specifications: ~4cm * 3cm * 2cm
Locale: Camp Verde, Arizona

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