Hexagonal Twin Calcite

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Calcite, the stone of Brilliance.  This duo of crystals is the perfect companion for meditation, activating the Crown & Third Eye chakras— increasing trust and connection with our intuition and for message to flow…  and as the messages come, allows openness for them to be received.    

These crystals hold a level of wisdom and refinement—  the larger crystal a teacher, and the smaller crystal the student.  And although one is the “teacher” and the other the “student”, they are always learning from one another; a gentle reminder that we are always learning even if we have a “title” in this 3d hierarchy in society’s structures.    

Pale yellow in color, these calcites are cooling, calming, and bring a sense of serenity.  Tiny pyrite crystals can also be seen at the base, and they hold beautiful luster and translucence.  Both crystals clearly terminated, and in tact-- and etched along the sides, certainly holding wisdom, waiting to be heard.  


Specifications: ~6cm * 6cm * 1.5cm
Locale: Hunan, China

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