Laguna Agate

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Agates are extremely grounding crystals, connecting us with Mother Earth and her constant love and support for us.  They are purifying, cleansing, calming, as well as balancing-- and aid in harmonizing our physical space and bodies. Agates encourage stability, building foundations, and also in manifesting our thoughts into material and physicality.   

Agates resonate with the lower chakras, and this particular Laguna Agate, with the Sacral and Base chakras.

Laguna Agates are mined in a small region of Chihuahua, Mexico and are a renowned locale, highly coveted and though not super rare, extremely collectible.  They are known for their extremely tight (layers!) banding, and range of deep reds, scarlets, to oranges and yellows (warm colors).  They are allies for our physical body, including energy levels, vitality, and overall health; as well as in clarity of direction & focus, drive, passion, independence, creative problem solving, and self-esteem.  They also can aid in maturity, stability, and confidence~ as agates are slower moving stones; but strong in foundation.  

This particular specimen when held provides a next-level confidence, bringing forth one’s own inner fire to life, to burn brightly, and encouragement to SHINE.  It provides a strong sense of security and strength, the courage to not be afraid of being SEEN... Vulnerability of the Self, especially with the open tiny crystal pocket center~ that you have so much to offer, to share, but you need to let others see you.  To open.  To stand in your Own Light.  

Laguna Agates are supportive for those who manage or work with many people/teams/groups~ the perfect project/team management stone.  The Red colorway of this particular crystal also is protective, especially in combating  Mars low frequencies of rushing/haste/ rashness, cuts and burns, or traffic accidents.  


Specifications: ~6cm  * 3.5cm * 1.5cm
Locale: Mexico

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