Natal Chart Reading

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We are so much more than our Sun signs...

Natal Charts are our own unique Cosmic blueprint~ as the stars weave who we are, and can guide us in how we embrace, embody, and engage with this lifetime with more understanding, and reconnection with our Soul.

Each reading will provide an overview of your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, as well as other planetary energies and placement, and how their energies manifest in you and this lifetime.  Nodal placements will also be discussed, as your guiding North Star. 

Your Natal Chart is a starting point in understanding the Self through the lens of your uniquely star woven map...

Natal Chart Readings will require:

- Birthdate (DD/MM/YY)
- Exact Birthtime*
- City of Birth

*Birthtime is extremely important as it determines your rising sign, which in turn can affect the houses and other planetary placements; if you are unsure, please contact the birth registrar/hospital/place of birth which may have this information documented for full accuracy. 



Each session is ~90 minutes and conducted in the privacy of our residency at Pacific Place Apartments, part of The Upper House Wellness Programs.  A comprehensive written pdf is also provided post session for your keepsake as a map to your stars in this lifetime.

For online sessions, please contact us directly to make an appointment.

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