Personalized Crystal Consultation & Curation

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Purchasing a crystal can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know where to begin.

During this personalized crystal curation, we will discuss what energies you're wanting to bring into your field or to explore more.  You may come prepared with an idea in energies you may have, or if you are gifting for another, a recent photo or other details that may be shared to connect with the crystal that most resonates.

Some Energetic examples:

- Abundance
- Clarity & Focus in Decision Making
- Confidence
- Divine Feminine
- Divine Masculine
- EMFs
- Flow
- Inner child healing
- Inner strength & courage
- Leadership
- Manifestation
- Meditation Practice
- New Beginnings
- Peace & Harmony
- Protection
- Resilience
- Self-Love/Care
- Studies
- Teamwork
- Transmuting Negativity
- Vitality / Life force

Each crystal curation session is ~30 minutes and the payment can be applied towards the crystal you decide to become guardian of. 



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