Polished Agate Druzy Display Specimen

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A beautiful cut-base/standing Agate display piece with botryoidal druzy quartz center. 

Agates are extremely grounding crystals, connecting us with Mother Earth and her constant love and support for us.  They are purifying, cleansing, calming, as well as balancing-- and aid in harmonizing our physical space and bodies. 

Agates encourage stability, building foundations, and also in manifesting our thoughts into material and physicality.   

This crystal has a magical center revealed after the cut and polish-- druzy quartz chalcedony sparkles in the light, inviting one to explore deeper within.  The many flow channels surround the druzy center as well as an "eye" along one edge. 

 Earthtone browns, golden yellows, beiges, and whites-- a neutral palette to fit into any home. 

The backside is also raw, and the botryoidal chalcedony can be seen in its natural state. 

A work of art by Mother Earth, reminding us of her imagination and powers of creation. 


Specifications: ~22cm  * 16cm * 6cm
Locale: Brazil

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