Sand Calcite Concretion

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This little group of sand calcite concretions have such a playful energy… composed of ~40% calcite and 60% sand/silica, concretions usually form in orbicular or spherical shapes… this one joining together in an acrobatic formation.

The energy of this crystal is grounding, yet also extremely light~ resonating with the solar plexus chakra.  It is cleansing, as the calcite brings forth the purification and lightness, while it also calls to our inner child— to explore, to go on an adventure, and to try new things.  It encourages curiosity and experimentation— without the fear of failure or meeting expectations, but pure, innocent fun.

They say Sand Calcite concretions form over millions of years ago (anywhere from 5-23M!)… this particular one is sourced from Malyi Claypit, Miskolc, from the Bukk Mountains in Hungary.  

Let me know~ What do you see and feel when looking at this crystal?

Specifications: ~4cm * 3cm * 2cm
Locale: Hungary

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