Solar Return Reading

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Every year we the Sun returns to the exact degree as when we were born.  Otherwise known as a birthday, a Solar Return reading allows one to understand the energies for the upcoming year.

Major transits, activity within which areas of life, career, family, and friendships may be highlighted, and planetary influences will be discussed during this ~75 minute session, conducted in the privacy of our residency at the Pacific Place Apartments, part of The Upper House Wellness Programs.  

For those outside of Hong Kong, please contact us to make an appointment for online sessions.

*As Sovereign beings, and always hold full responsibility for ourselves; with the power of choice and free-will.  This reading does not confirm anything set in stone, but is a guide to the energies and the neutrino fields which may affect your upcoming year; this is but a guide in how to work with the energies to support your greatest and highest potential-- however your thoughts and actions in the end... are soley, up to you. 

Take what you need, and leave the rest.


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