Stibiconite with Sulfur

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Stibiconite is a pseudomorph of Stibnite, and has replaced the lustrous gunmetal grey crystal with a powdery yellowy-green/grey coloration and texture, though this crystal taking on the original formation & growth of Stibnite.  Stibiconite is quite incredible and as a pseudomorph, they’re always a little weird, but as Pluto has now moved into Aquarius~ we are embracing everything unique, individual, quirky, and a little bit out there & off the beaten (crystal) path.   

Stibiconite, as a pseudomorph of Stibnite holds energies of transformation— of growth and evolution, literally.  It is a crystal associated with Pluto, and Scorpionic energies, of alchemy, metamorphosis, death and rebirth.  Power & self-empowerment are also energies associated with Stibnite/Stibiconite, in reclaiming one’s own inner strength and  courage, and how it is can be used for standing in one’s personal Truth and the highest good.  

Stibiconite with Sulphur has an extremely cleansing energy to it.  It sweeps away any negative energetic debris we may be carrying as well as any strong emotions we may be carrying or experiencing.  Anger, frustration, anxiety can all be calmed with sulfur and stibiconite.  Focusing on the root of the emotion (i.e. the underlying emotion to anger usually is fear or guilt), to clear and move through, vs. being drowned or manipulated by the emotion itself.  

This crystal can also purify our space.   Like a web to catch all, this crystal can be placed in an area where energy gathers- such as a common space, living area, or meeting room.  Its formation is intricate and may look chaotic to some however we are reminded that there is order within chaos, even if not “visible” to us.   

A stone of metamorphosis, reclamation of one’s power and becoming.  


Locale: Hunan, China
Specifications:  ~4cm * 3cm * 3cm
Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus


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