Tetrahedrite, Pyrite and Chlorite included Needle Quartz on a bed of Iridescent Mirror Galena

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A gorgeous specimen of different crystals… bringing forth an extremely grounding, reflective, protective, alchemical, and heart based- a combination of powerful energy.   
Each crystal carries its own wisdom and together brings a blend of these energies; perfect for Capricorn season, but also as we cross the threshold into 2024.

Galena is the base of this crystal specimen and is a stone of transformation, it is a mirror, to reflect back upon ourselves what we need to face, and to embrace.  There is beautiful natural iridescence to the galena, visible from different angles of blues purples and golds within the faces of the silvery-grey.  It is a stone which carries the element of Earth, resonates with the Root, thus also extremely grounding and supportive.  It brings strength and courage to the guardian; echo-ing lessons of full responsibility, Sovereignty and reclamation of our Whole selves.  

Upon the galena, Chlorite included Needle Quartz sits above; resonating with the Heart~ For everything we do, every thought and action we take, should always be Heart-and-Soul driven.  Chlorite included Quartz can enable one to become more in tune and aligned with the Heart, listening, receiving, as well as in self-healing. Chlorite included quartz is also extremely supportive for the physical body; in health on a cellular level.   Assisting in balance, these crystals can draw high frequency energy down into the physical body, and purify one’s system with dense energies exiting back down into the Earth.

Scattered around the needle quartz, Tetrahedrite crystal clusters grow.  They are a brilliant dark gunmetal grey- lustrous, mirrored, and in beautiful formations.  Tetrahedrite is similar to Galena, as it also resonates with the energy of transmutation, and carries a certain drive to action with increased confidence.  It also has an uplifting spirit- in Hope.

And easily recognizable, golden pyrite grows with the tetrahedrite beautiful little crystals tucked away, with one larger area exposed in the corner.  as we know is a stone of abundance, manifestation, and protection.  It supports our confidence and willpower, as well as creativity and the Divine Masculine energy from the Sun.

In holding this crystal there is a sense of love and empowerment, to know that wherever we are now, and whoever we are now, we are always changing, transforming, and becoming.  And although parts of this crystal seem blunt and more harsh, there is an overall feminine energy to it; nurturing, caring, and soooo supportive.  It’s like the cheerleader, pushing us onwards, in energy, in activity, in whatever else it may be~ but knowing that we are ALWAYS supported as its rooting for us to be the best we can be.  

So much to explore; crystals truly are exquisite, incredible creations of Mother Earth… and another way for us too, to connect with the Divine Mother and her unconditional love for us.  She truly has, provided everything we need.

Thank you, thank you.


Specifications: ~10cm * 8cm * 3cm
Locale: Huanzala Mine, Peru

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