Yellow & Blue Fluorite

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A new find just from earlier this year, a beautiful sunny yellow fluorite with blue core from Beijing.  China has such an immense abundance of fluorite specimens, and its interesting that fluorite is suitable for learning, mental clarity, and decision making… perhaps Mother Earth recognizes the need in this part of the world and has provided this energy to us for a reason. Who knows, but I’m sure she does.

Fluorite is known as the “Stone of Genius”, a stone of the mind, relating to the element of Air.  It brings clarity in decision making, and mental focus.  Supportive for learning (especially studies- making it perfect for students/study desk space), the retention of information can come more fluidly when engaging with fluorite.

Fluorite is extremely protective of our energetic bodies, our aura specifically, and can cleanse and purify negative stress especially in overthinking.  Fluorite encourages a sense of stability; reorganizing one’s thoughts— bringing calm to the chaos. For those who feel imbalances in the mental state, fluorite can prove to be a powerful ally, dissolving illusions and reconnecting with the Truth.  

Fluorite is also known as an aid in shielding from EMFs (though Shungite is still our top recommendation), so placed in the workspace for learning, or by the phone/computer or electronics is suggested.

Yellow fluorite is one of the most uncommon of colors, next to pink~ and in the past has been mostly mined in France or Spain.  However this new find comes from nearby~ as I’ve met the miners who showed me videos of the walls and walls of this beautiful fluorite~ with blue at it’s core (it’s also UV reactive and glows blue).  

Yellow fluorite resonates with the mind, but also with the Solar Plexus chakra.  It can enhance our willpower in decision making~ in truly “following our gut”.  It is a crystal that encourages us to take risks, and with great risks come great rewards~ thus can be suitable for leaders and those making big and visionary decisions.

Yellow fluorite has an uplifting and optimistic energy to it, boosting confidence and creativity~  these specimens shine like the Sun, and some glow from within.  Like little pieces of honey candy, their shades (in the lot I acquired) ranged from more muted grey-yellows to bright sunshine honey yellows.  Each has their own personality, and yet, every one- a celebration.

An ally in reminding us that LIFE, and We each, are a celebration indeed. 

Specifications: 5cm  * 4cm * 3cm
Locale: Beijing, China

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