May 2024

April showers bring May flowers.

From the beginning of April till now, congratulate and celebrate yourself.
You are no longer the same person as you were.  

You’ve moved through the Eclipse portal, the Libra and Aries eclipses, the Mercury Rx in Aries, as well as the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus; one that will carry it’s energies into the next 14 years.  

And now we say hello to May.  The seasons of Taurus and a bit of Gemini, the season where Venus governs and sits on her throne, bringing love, comforts, pleasures, and the experience of life to it’s fullest and most abundant.  Yet when she first enters Taurus she meets Pluto, and so it’s not all roses perhaps until a few more days in… and Mars also has entered his home of Aries (30/4) and with these two planets in their domicile, we are given opportunities of flow, energies of ease and harmony.

May is an incredibly blessed month.   Perhaps the most of 2024.  Still riding the waves of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, we are in an incredibly expansive period of growth and abundance, prosperity in our wealth and relationships, values, and worth.  And it begins with Our Beliefs.  Because beliefs are thoughts, and thoughts are things (many of you have heard this many times from me).  And Thoughts are Energy~ as Everything is Energy.

This month as we begin, may we settle into the stillness that Taurus energy has to offer; the quiet and gentle bull, always reminding us of the tale of Ferdinand.  Knowing that one’s inner strength, commitment, consistency, and dedication always translates to the external strength and perseverance in how we approach life.

And may this inner strength carry us forwards through the month of May; solid, stable, and unwavering.  May this inner strength drive us towards our dreams; our dream life.  Our goals, and what we wish to manifest… whether in this Taurus lunar cycle or in life as a whole~  and this New Moon in Taurus is so perfect for this.

It is the harmony of rest and recharge; our inner journeys of tending to our dreams; but also in knowing that action is needed. For the Universe always welcomes aligned action; and though the bull sometimes is hesitant, swift action is needed when the door knocks.  And it’s knowing when to rest, and when to go; rather than just go-go-go all the time which was the essence of Aries season.  But with Taurus, we learn how to become more INTENTIONAL with our energies and our time (because time is energy).  

In this upcoming month, we are graced with two beautiful Moons~ the New Moon in Taurus and the Full Moon in Sagittarius.  Both are auspicious, generous, expansive, loving, and so very forgiving.  The first of the two comes the 8th which is the New Moon in Taurus.

Sitting at 18° Taurus, the New Moon conjunct a the fateful placement of the Jupiter-Uranus meeting of last month (that was at 21° Taurus back on the 21st of April)- and so we are still in this extremely expansive and growth-oriented portal.  Thus Money, wealth, and relationships continue to be highlighted in this lunar cycle, which makes it SO fortuitous for intention setting and manifestation.  

It is a moon for creating, building, and strengthening our foundations; slow and steady one foot firmly on the ground before lifting the other.  We step into and  fully embody the foundations we need to live our Dream Life.  And it begins with this New Moon.

A rebirth. A revival. A resurrection.

Following the days of the new moon, we continue to integrate the energies of expansion and growth, though the first full week of May is calmer- perhaps one of the most calm of 2024 too... and this allows us to stretch into who we are becoming.  As the new container we’re filling feels different, yet exciting.

May 12-18

The second full week of May brings a few more surprises though- with Mercury finally leaving the post shadow Rx period (yay!) on Monday the 13th, and the Sun conjuncts Uranus late afternoon as well.  

This means we’ll be feeling those Freedom vibes, wanting to break through old narratives, glass ceilings, dropping the heavy shackles, or be zapped with revolutionary, and evolutionary thoughts and ideas.  Zapped, yes, like lightning, as Uranian energy is quick and surprising, shocking, and unexpected~

This is the Energy of AWAKENING.

Of moving into the future- as we have been since late April of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus… the New Moon, and now this week.  Further pushing onwards and encouraging us to step outside of our own boxes and comfort zones- expanding into the Unknown, expanding our Consciousness, and expanding the Consciousness of the Universe.  

Insights, A-HA moments, ideas and revelations... All part of the Uranian energetics.  Forwards and futuristic, it is also humanitarian and calls for social activism.  Uranus breaks free of traditions, and creates its own path for the future... and asks us to do the same.  To recognize that we are not followers, but we are all leaders-- and the lead role in our own lives

This energy can be extremely activating, exciting or anxious depending how the spectrum may fall for you & your lens of perspective… not to mention the Sun-Uranus together is very much the season of Solar flares and the auroras~ which we have been experiencing the past few days.  The Sun literally sending pulses of plasma waves, power, and light... affecting us all.

Take good care of the SELF, and continue to ground your energies, and stay present and in the body, embodied.  Extra magnesium, B supplements (I’ve been taking extra b1/b12 personally but check what your body needs always), as well as raw cacao, green juices, electrolytes from fruits & hydration, movement, and of course sunshine when he’s been out. 

Teas and tinctures can also help, i.e. skullcap, chamomile, ashgawanda, however be sure that you’re doing your research as some plants are not suitable for everyone.

And though this is an annual meeting of the Sun and Uranus, this year feels- and IS extra potent… as the Cosmic waves  of expansion and abundance continue to flow, and all in our favor.

Ride them well.  

On the 14th Venus in Taurus sextiles Saturn in Pisces, and this is a beautiful energy which is favourable and of flow~ speaking to themes of love, money, our values/worth, and how they play into the structures and form our relationships.   Boundaries is always a key topic when it comes to Saturn in Pisces, as well as dissolution and endings.  Perhaps this transit will highlight how we lack or feel restricted so that we release and shed everything we’ve outgrown: beliefs, stories, people, things… creating space to attract, forge, build, and live by stronger boundaries and foundations in the relationships we have with others as well as ourselves— that are more aligned and supportive as we move onwards.  

Venus in Taurus is such a loving and blooming energy, and is quite prominent as we build towards the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd where she is conjunct Jupiter influencing the moon… thus whatever comes up with potential long-term relationships from now until the Full Moon, allow them to bloom and grow, beyond your wildest dreams. <3

On the 16th, Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in Taurus… where thoughts, communication, and mental faculties also become more grounded and stable.  Mercury in Aries was quite the trip, retrograde through eclipse season and all, so this Taurus energy allows us to settle, to reflect inwards and to integrate the lessons of the last month+ at a slightly slower and steady pace… for Mercury that is.

Upon entering Taurus, Mercury will square Pluto Rx in Aquarius~ fixed sign fun… Thus the thoughts may become more intense and penetrating, trying to reveal, uncover ,or unearth the Truth, the shadows, and whatever else that needs to come to the surface.  Stay present with your thoughts between Thurs to Saturday of this week, as they may bring clues as to what needs attention and alchemizing.  

Mercury in Taurus is a quick transit~ and will sextile Saturn, and conjunct Uranus late May, but next month will become even more active as he enters his home of Gemini on the the 3rd of June.  

Enjoy this pace, nice and easy, embodied, and mental processing carefully and cautiously.  Rest the mind. Focus and simplify. 

Venus will conjunct Uranus on the 18th of May, this brings radiant new energy and opportunities when it comes to love and relationships.  Unexpected encounters, radical changes, or perhaps potential surprises in money matters.  This energy is electric, exciting, and the newness in redefining relationships that can revolutionize our lives and definitions of love... to align ourselves in the now of who we are, rather than who we once were. 

It'll be a feeling of breaking free, and breaking through... old patterns, habits, or values or belief systems, allowing this energy to illuminate and change us for the future.

May 19-25

On the 19th we will have a Jupiter Cazimi (in the Heart of the Sun). This is the annual meeting of Jupiter and the Sun and is known as one of the most “Good Luck”, Expansive and prosperous days of the year.  So again, riding the waves of abundance and expansion… I hope you’re getting the theme of how this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction really set off a new era in how we wish to build and create the Life of our Dreams.

Nothing is stopping you, except for you. 

And on that note~ Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so although he may be lucky… how you use this energy to expand, is up to you. (if you’re in a challenging place, it can also expand those challenges… thus, staying conscious awareness and managing your perspectives is so key!) 

Again though, in knowing… then applying… 
May all these fortuitous cosmic energies really fuel your rocket ship to blast through any blocks to propel you into the stratosphere and beyond.

On the 20th Mars conjuncts the NN in Aries, and this is giving us the drive and the motivation to really take action on what we want to achieve. Our dreams, our desires, our passions, and our needs.  It can be a bit impulsive, as Mars is in Aries which can trigger projections, anger, impatience and intolerance~ low vibes of this sign… but at its highest expression, we are driven by the needs to achieve for our greatest and highest good.  To embody the Divine Masculine energy which is of protection and support; to be the container which we are able to fill our lives with JOY and Happiness.  

This is a huge marker in our journey of the NN in Aries, thus ask yourself:
How willing are you— to fight for what you believe in and your needs?  

The Sun will also enter Gemini on the 20th, picking up the pace entering Mutable Air energy.  Gemini is the sign of the twins, of duality, of curiosity and questioning.  It is light, clever, and social... the butterfly amongst the field of flowers. 

A season to learn and try new things, to engage in interesting conversations, and to have fun.  Gemini sees from all different perspectives, asks "Why? Why? Why?" like a child, and is flexible, adaptable, and yet at times can also be indecisive, scattered, and restless.  Mind your gossip this season (low vibe), and focus your energies on what matters.  With Jupiter transiting into Gemini a few days later... may we remember to continue to Question Everything.

And we reach our Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd of May, an absolute gorgeous Moon to follow the New Moon we had earlier in the month.  This Moon sits at 2°55’ Sagittarius, with the Sun at 2°55’ Gemini, and Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Taurus creating this beautiful layer of energies in continuing to strengthen and stabilize our values, worth, and expansion in our wealth, love, and relationships.  

Venus and Jupiter are the two benefics of the planets— Good luck and Good fortune in the Fixed Earth sign of resources, foundations, and abundance ON this Full Moon.  What more could you ask for?  

May this Full Moon illuminate everything that is and isn’t working for you… encouraging you to change, and to try.  To move away from the familiar, and to gain knowledge through experience rather than taking someone else’s word for it…  Wanting to heal and better yourself so that you can truly experience everything that Life has to offer: love, happiness, joy, fulfilment, freedom, and everything else that your Heart & Soul desires.

Venus leaves Taurus shortly after the Full Moon on the 23rd and enters Gemini where she embraces her social butterfly mode… a transit which is friendly, clever, and curious.  During these few weeks we may find that we approach our emotions and feelings with more mental rationale, rather than the feels… thriving on change and variety.   And the Full Moon energies linger as we may find we’re more inclined to test the waters, ask the questions, and do things… just to see.  Stay open, as Venus in this sign is light-hearted, fun, social, and doesn’t totally want to make commitments just yet… but a period to see what she likes, because she can.  Venus will enter Cancer on Jun 17, 2024.

On this same day, Jupiter, our other Great Benefit will sextile Neptune which is such a lovely aspect~ for creativity, the arts, music, and imagination.  Neptune sits at the Master degree of 29° Pisces and this is a harmonious energy that can be used in a way to brainstorm— but it's even beyond brainstorming... it is connecting with the Universal Consciousness to receive intel from the ethers.  Have fun, enjoy the magic, tap into your inner child, imagination, and see the sparks fly.  

May 26 - 31

After the past year, Jupiter will be entering Gemini on the 26th.  This is one of the biggest shifts for 2024, moving from Fixed Earth into Mutable Air element.  We will most likely feel the pace of the year quickening.  Jupiter governs expansion, optimism, big visions, big business, higher learning, philosophies and experiential learning.  In Astrology, the placement of Jupiter in Gemini is known as its detriment (not the most favourable of places).  Yet as he travels through Gemini, we may see the Collective mind questioning more, hopefully with increased curiosity and critical thinking.  Hive mind however may come forth, as Jupiter is always about the bigger picture vs. the little details or individual moving parts.  Gemini though, is about the details, our communication, information, media, news, and data collected… and so perhaps Jupiter may bring his expansive energy to the way we communicate and see the world.  Changeable, transformational, and quick to move.  

His transit actually paves the way for Uranus, who enters Gemini in 2025… It definitely will be an interesting year ahead, as we continue through this 8 year, and in 2025 a 9 year.  Jupiter in Gemini:  26 May, 2024 - 10 Jun, 2025.

On the 30th Mars will conjunct Chiron in Aries, which can motivate us to look at our inner wounds, in efforts to heal them.  They can be painful, ignite anger and fire within however a gentle reminder to take good care and compassion for the self; to stay out of shame, blame, or guilt.  This is a wonderful meeting to potentially unlock the pains so that they can be ultimately released… knowing that we must direct our energies in constructive and productive ways, transmuting the self-sabotage or self-doubt into gold(en) life lessons.

And on the last day of the month, May 31st, Mercury conjuncts Uranus in Taurus~ bringing activity to the mind… Uranus is our antennae to the Cosmos and the Ethers~ Tune into the messages, the downloads, and the mental faculties, no matter how weird and wonderful they may be.

(you made it!)

Of the Earth signs, each has their own signature and Taurus in particular is something else.  Grounded Simplicity.  Blooming, lush, vibrant, and full of life.  

Slow and steady.  Embrace, embody, engage.  Staying Present.  

Allow the creativity to flow when it does. To be inspired by the creation of Mother Earth, observing natural and organic cycles and patterns in living and in Being.  Life lessons.  Nature as our teacher.  Earth as our guide, our Divine Mother, and here to love us unconditionally. 

Happy May loves,



May Dates:
01:     Venus square Pluto
03:     Pluto stations Rx, Mars sextile Pluto Rx
07:     Sun sextile Saturn
08:     New Moon in Taurus 18°02’
13:     Sun conjunct Uranus
14:     Venus sextile Saturn
16:     Mercury enters Taurus
18:     Venus conjunct Uranus
19:     Sun conjunct Jupiter
20:     Sun sextiles Neptune, then enters Gemini, Mars conjuncts NN
22:     Sun trine Pluto Rx
23:     Venus conjunct Jupiter, sextiles Neptune, Full Moon in Sagittarius 02°55’
24:     Venus enters Gemini, Jupiter sextile Neptune
25:     Venus trine Pluto Rx, NN trine Great Attractor
26:     Jupiter enters Gemini
28:     Mercury sextile Saturn
30:     Mars conjunct Chiron
31:     Mercury conjunct Uranus

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