Sagittarius Full Moon

On the 23rd of May, we are greeted with a beautiful lunation of the Full Moon in Sagittarius.  Occurring at 2°55’, it is full of cosmic love and support; of wonder, adventure, excitement, expansion, and urges us to experience — stepping outside our comfort zones.  

Full Moons are when the Sun and the Moon are exactly opposite one another on the astrological wheel, with the Moon fully reflecting the Sun’s light.  The Moon is of our intuition, our emotions, our subconscious, our hidden inner worlds, and when the Moon is full, we are able to see and feel more fully, clearly, including our blind spots, our falls, and our lessons.  

This Full Moon is the culmination from ~6 months ago which was the Sagittarius New Moon that occurred on the 13th December 2023.  It was the last New Moon of 2023 and at that time we were planning for 2024~ and here we are 6 months later at the Full Moon… have you accomplished what you set out to?  Have your intentions manifested as you set?  

A check-in point for the Self, to see how you’ve stayed on your path, in the direction you chose back then, till now.  And if you’ve gone a bit astray or gotten distracted, time to recalibrate, reset, and realign… or even revise your intentions and direction~ as we know our direction is more important than our speed.

Sagittarius is mutable fire energy, ruled by Jupiter, and is the sign of the archer.  This energy is optimistic, energetic, enthusiastic, generous, adaptable, and idealistic.  The arrow points towards the target— our goals, our hopes and dreams… and ultimately, in the direction of Truth and Freedom.  It pertains to Spirit, our spirituality, philosophies, and is of the student/teacher, the Seeker, the Sage, and the Visionary… inviting us to trust, and to have faith.  

This lunation is extremely caring and supportive~ as Venus and Jupiter sit at the anaretic (last) degree of Taurus, conjunct and sealing the story of the last twelve months with a kiss.  Venus will move into Gemini just hours after the Full Moon and Jupiter will ingress into Gemini too on Sunday the 26th (25th in other parts of the world) for the next year.  

This Full Moon is a transitional Moon, a Graduation and Celebration~ bringing forth the foundations we’ve been laying for the past year in the steady and stable sign of Taurus by Jupiter.  The seeds that have been planted based upon our (re)defined values and security, in the most physical and material sense. 

And it only gets better from here.

The two benefic planets sextile-ing Neptune at the Master degree, 29° Pisces— also brings additional magic and magnificence to this Moon~ again, expanding areas of love, relationships, finances, and our most incredible dreams manifesting into reality. 

It is such a poetic Moon and any lessons illuminated during this Full Moon and the following weeks as she wanes into the New Moon in Gemini will only aid in our growth if we remain open and receiving— and in remembering that:
We are limitless beings here to have this human experience.

Full Moons are of release~ and during this Moon using the element of fire, may we alchemize any limiting beliefs or belief systems that continue to hold us back, or keep us trapped in boxes or beneath glass ceilings.  What and how we keep ourselves from our own FREEDOM.  To question why we uphold certain stories, blindly believe what we’ve been told, follow certain narratives, or continue to self-sabotage or self-doubt because our lack of faith and trust in ourself and the Divine.  

Pluto trines the Sun, and this planet of death and rebirth also plays a role in these Full Moon energies, allowing us to easier transmute, transform, and purge what no longer is needed.  This is the Moon to write down and intentionally say good-bye to anything and everything holding you back~ keeping you from your happiness and joy and see it go up in flames, and come down in ashes.  Because those ashes are what once was, but is no longer~ and NOW brings Rebirth and Renewal.

Pluto also excavates and reveals; and at its current degree sits at the "Great Conjunction" that was of December 2020, when Saturn and Jupiter met at 0° Aquarius... thus referencing that period and what was happening then~ the secrets, stories, and all that was hidden, now being brought forth up to the surface in its TRUTH.

This is also a healing Moon (as if the energies couldn’t get any better)~ as Mars sits between the NN and Chiron.  Deciding what your needs are, and getting absolutely crystal clear on them~ without shame, guilt, or hesitation, but driven and in knowing that you are worthy of having your needs met.  And not just met, but beyond~ in Fullness, and in Abundance.  Any questions or issues of self-worth that arrive during this Full Moon period up till the 30th (when Mars conjuncts Chiron exact) will show us the wounds to be healed, but also the opportunity to heal and learn more about ourselves in the process.  

There is an opportunity in this Moon to bring in higher perspectives and awareness to what once was, to ask the bigger, broader questions of the seeker in efforts to understand the truth~ Why we are here, What is our purpose, and Who are we, really?

The most delicious cosmic energies are present, truly.  The question then becomes… how will you feel into them? Embody them? Use and Integrate them into your own life through action, self-love, care, and commitment to your Self?

During this Full Moon phase, hold space for your wildest dreams.  Expand your perceptions and Erase your limitations.

Create if you have the chance~ the arts, pen to paper, paint to canvas, sing, dance, allow yourself to be inspired and flow.  To call in your inner child and imagination, to look at the world with wonder and awe, and to allow yourself to explore and enjoy.  

Happy Full Moon loves,


ps: a beautiful moon to cleanse your crystals, your space, and yourself~

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