The Nodes of Fate: Aries/Libra Axis

On July 18th, 2023, the Nodes of Fate moved onto the Aries/Libra axis.  The North Node moved from Taurus into Aries, and South Node from Scorpio to Libra.  

The Nodes of Fate are the points of the Moon’s orbit formed between the Earth’s path with the Sun.  Also called the Nodes of Destiny, they are strongly tied with our karma and evolution.  

As a Collective, the South Node is where we are coming from— it is the familiar, and can represent shadow qualities of the sign. 

The South Node is essentially, what we are asked to release and move away from, and the North Node, is what we are moving towards.  Our “North Star”- the North Node is how we will answer and remedy the South Node’s low vibrations; and during this ~18 month transit, may we will evolve through the highest expression of the North Node.  

The North Node is sometimes referred to as the Dragon’s Head, Rahu, and the South Node, the Dragon’s Tail, Ketu.  

The axis where the Nodes fall also dictate the cycle of the Eclipses— therefore we will have a total of 6 eclipses on the Aries/Libra Axis between 2023-2025.  

As the North Node moves through Aries, this will relate to themes of the Ram, Cardinal Fire energy.  Aries, ruled by Mars is our Warrior Spirit, the Masculine, our vitality, primal instinct, passions, desires, action, and movement.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and is of the Self and Newborn energy- excitement, impulse, survival, new beginnings, and initiation.  

The South Node is always 180° of the North Node and will transit through Libra— Cardinal Air energy and ruled by Venus.  Libra relates to our relationships, partnerships, the arts, aesthetics, beauty, music, finances, as well as social lives and love.  

The axis of Aries/Libra governs the discussion of Me vs. We, as well as the Warrior vs. the Peacekeeper, and Independence vs. Interdependence.    

The South Node in Libra will surface as lower vibrations of this sign— asking us to reflect upon where or how we’ve given away our power, sacrificed our Self for others, or sold ourselves short in hopes of harmony.  People-pleasing, “playing nice” to avoid conflict, indecisiveness, or not speaking our truth in fears of what others will think of us.  Where are we not being genuine to ourselves?  Where do we self-sabotage and put others first, become passive-aggressive, or hold resentment?  

The North Node in Aries answers the call of the South Node in Libra, and we will be encouraged to reclaim our independence and sense of Self.  Themes of Personal Empowerment, personal authority, self-awareness, courage, strength and bravery, and remembering to care for ourselves first will also arise.  

Key Themes for the North Node in Aries:

🗝️ REDISCOVERING THE SELF: Who am I really (independent of other’s expectations or projections)? How well do I know myself? My Needs, my desires? What I want?

🗝️ SELF-EMPOWERMENT:  reclaiming our own power where we’ve given it away… Calling back our power, standing in our Sovereignty.

🗝️ AUTHORITY: No One in the Universe has Authority over you, unless you give it away. Becoming our OWN Authority once more.

🗝️ PRIORITIZING THE SELF: Taking care of ourself FIRST without guilt, unapologetically, so that then we can take care of others better.

🗝️ ENERGETIC BOUNDARIES: When to say Yes or when to say No, and how to Master our Energy.  

And as we focus on the North Node in Aries, we will naturally move away from the South Node in Libra, as nothing is forced, but organically will flow and be released.  

As the North Node moves through Aries, it is the ideal to manifest through the highest vibration of Aries— independence, self-assurance, willpower, empowerment, intentional action, and honesty.  However there is also the possibility of the Collective (or personally) falling into low vibrations of this energy.  For Aries, is the Masculine energy— the Warrior, and this can relate to elevation in War, violence, aggressiveness, arrogance, and/or intolerance.  

Therefore we must remember, it is always up to each one of us, to maintain the highest vibrations as we can in ourselves— in Light, so that we do not feed the lower frequencies.  Aries is of the Self, however as we gain a better sense of Self and Self-Worth, we can then, in turn partner and create relationships with more compassion,  truth, understanding, interdependence and collaboration, rather than codependence.  

The North Node moves into Aries just 2 hours after the New Moon in Cancer, indicative of new beginnings, and this energetic focus on the Self invites us to see how we can meet our own needs— rather than focus externally/become codependent on others to fulfil our needs and security.  

⁣It’s‎ also‎ something‎ to‎ note—‎ in‎ how‎ the‎ North‎ Node‎ has‎ just‎ moved‎ from‎ Taurus‎ into‎ Aries,‎ the‎ ruler‎ of‎ Taurus‎ being‎ Venus—‎ now‎ switching‎ positions‎ to‎ the‎ ruler‎ of‎ the‎ South‎ Node-‎ Libra.‎ ‎

⁣For‎ the‎ prior‎ 18‎ months‎ we‎ were‎ focused‎ on‎ our‎ values,‎ and‎ how‎ we‎ continued‎ to‎ build‎ our‎ lives‎ upon‎ and‎ around‎ our‎ values.‎ ‎ Now,‎ in‎ this‎ coming‎ 18‎ months‎ we‎ will‎ be‎ taking‎ a‎ closer‎ look‎ at‎ our‎ relationships‎ (including‎ business‎ partnerships/‎ as‎ well‎ as‎ some‎ friendships),‎ and‎ if‎ they‎ are‎ aligned‎ with‎ the‎ values‎ which‎ we’ve‎ set‎ into‎ motion‎ and‎ built‎ upon—‎ OR‎ will‎ we‎ realize‎ that‎ some‎ relationships‎ no‎ longer‎ should‎ exist‎ as‎ they‎ were?‎ This‎ can‎ include‎ our‎ relationship‎ with‎ money‎ and‎ finances‎ as‎ well.‎

⁣Venus‎ also‎ stations‎ retrograde‎ in‎ Leo‎ within‎ the‎ first‎ week‎ of‎ the‎ Nodes‎ shifting.‎ ‎ Leo‎ and‎ Aries‎ are‎ both‎ fire‎ signs,‎ and‎ trine‎ one‎ another;‎ a‎ supportive‎ energy.‎ ‎

⁣Venus‎ Rx‎ in‎ Leo‎ will‎ invite‎ us‎ to‎ review,‎ reflect,‎ and‎ reassess‎ our‎ current‎ relationships,‎ and‎ if‎ we‎ are‎ showing‎ up‎ authentically‎ in‎ them.‎ ‎ She‎ may‎ highlight‎ where‎ we‎ may‎ have‎ dimmed‎ our‎ light‎ to‎ “fit‎ in”,‎ or‎ compromised‎ our‎ truest‎ desires‎ for‎ others‎ or‎ the‎ sake‎ of‎ harmony.‎ ‎ She‎ will‎ show‎ us‎ where‎ we‎ aren’t‎ being‎ true‎ to‎ ourselves—‎ and‎ in‎ this,‎ selling‎ ourselves‎ short‎ in‎ how‎ worthy‎ we‎ feel‎ about‎ ourselves.‎ ‎

⁣Cue:‎ Inner‎ Child‎ Healing.‎ ‎

⁣While‎ Venus‎ is‎ retrograde‎ in‎ Leo,‎ this‎ allows‎ us‎ to‎ slow‎ down,‎ to‎ rest‎ and‎ reflect‎ (amongst‎ all‎ the‎ other‎ RE’s‎ of‎ retrogrades).

⁣So‎ her‎ retrograde‎ may‎ hold‎ many‎ insights,‎ new‎ perspectives,‎ and‎ awareness—‎ so‎ that‎ we‎ can‎ recognize,‎ recalibrate,‎ and‎ reframe‎ our‎ stories,‎ and‎ the‎ relationships‎ to‎ ourselves‎ and‎ with‎ others.‎ ‎

⁣The‎ Universe‎ is‎ always‎ supporting‎ us,‎ and‎ I‎ believe‎ this‎ retrograde‎ at‎ the‎ beginning‎ of‎ this‎ Nodal‎ transit‎ 100%‎ Divinely‎ timed.‎ ‎

As the North Node continues through Aries, it will conjunct Chiron in Aries in February 2024.  This will usher in a wave a healing potential, in how we view ourselves and our Self-worth. 


Through March and April of 2024, the Sun, Mercury and Venus will also conjunct the North Node, and each of these conjunctions will further support the call in Returning to the Self.  Stay focused and centered— remembering to shut out the external noise, for Aries does what it wants, what it likes, when it wants, when it likes— as it will.  

Check which houses Aries and Libra lie in your Natal Chart, as this will speak to the area(s) of life which will be affected by this Nodal transit.  If you'd like to gain more insight on this transit and how it may affect you personally, scheduling a Current Transits reading may be supportive in guidance and bringing forth awareness in what to expect. 

The last time the North Node was in Aries was Dec 2004- June 2006. If you can recall where you were in life then, this may provide insight into how you may navigate this current period though perhaps with gained experience and wisdom.

For those who have a North Node in Aries,
welcome to your Nodal return.  
(Dec 2004 - Jun 2006 | April 1986 - Dec 1987 | Aug 1967 -  April 1969)

In a world where we’re programmed to fit in, to obey, to bow to authority, this nodal transit is absolutely powerful, and empowering.  

May we each tap into our inner Warrior and light up our path— even if it means burning through a few bridges along the way.  

The North Node in Aries…
Enjoy this transit loves,
you owe it to you.

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