Venus in Leo (4 Jun - 9 Oct)

Venus has now moved into Leo where she will stay until October, a lengthy transit for her— as she stays only ~1+ month in a sign but this transit she stays 4 months in Leo, due to her retrograde starting at the end of July.

This is quite an impactful transit, part of the major transits that were called out in the beginning of the calendar year 2023, because Leo is about our Self Expression, ruled by the Sun, and Venus is of our values, loves, relationships, finances, and pleasures in life.  This next 4 months will have us reviewing, reflecting, questioning, and reframing— how we show up and align to our beliefs & values in Everyday LIFE.  

Because if we aren’t living true to what we believe in, why not?  And this is an important question to think about— if you are not acting, thinking, or doing what you believe in and what you hold true to be— why are you doing otherwise, and what are you actually doing in this life?  Are you living for you? Or are you living for someone else?

Venus in Leo is truly, BIG HEART energy, playful, creative, generous, romantic, and aspirational.  She wants us to take up the space we deserve, and we are ALL DESERVING, WORTHY, and ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE AND INCREDIBLE.  She will challenge us to reflect upon the areas which we’re selling ourselves short, cutting ourselves down, and self-sabotaging… which all equate to NOT LOVING OURSELVES FULLY AND WHOLLY.  She will highlight the areas where we aren’t acting aligned or to our highest and greatest potential, so that we may reposition, and refine ourselves and how we are showing up for ourselves in our lives.  

This transit will speak loudly to— IF and HOW brightly we Shine in all our Authenticity (which our Sag full moon has so supportively segue’d us into).  Expressing ourselves fully, creatively, and truthfully, as we continue connecting, playing, and healing our inner child — while holding patience, care, and learning to love ourselves unconditionally in doing so.  

This is a transition period, and incredibly transformational energy.  

Mars currently in Leo is paving the way.  And this speaks to the Mars-Venus relationship- how the Divine Masculine energy is the protector and supporter, and the Divine Feminine energy leads by intuition, caring, and nurturing.  

Mars is a few degrees ahead of Venus right now in Leo, and is clearing the path so that she can come in and do what she needs- Leading with intuition, living aligned to her values because she’s not worried if she needs to protect or support herself because that has been taken care of by the Divine Masculine.

This is a really beautiful period as it signifies another shift in the Cosmic energies as we continue to move into the Aquarian age— and the Divine Feminine taking her place.

Venus in Leo is very much about ARRIVING— and being confident and courageous enough to say, “This is what I believe in, this is what I stand for, this is who I am.”  

Take it or leave it energy, not in a prideful or pompous way (low vibe Leo), but in a very honest, pure, and humbling- knowing-thy-self way.  Leo at times can be a bit much, and overly dramatic, but Venus has the ability to tone this down b/c she holds the strength of the Divine Feminine energy within— look at me, I am here, but I’m also holding a sense of humility, understanding, and grace.

So this transit of Venus through Leo has the potential to be beautiful and absolutely freeing.  She may be a bit rough if we aren’t honouring ourselves, and our higher self and the Universe will show us these patches.   

Though it will still be up to us to listen and to receive, to see beyond our pride and the ego to where and what needs adjustment when we’re not being authentic.  And when we’re called out, or when we can call ourselves out—  this is the opportunity to recalibrate, refocus, and refine — or even redefine our values are first, because our values can always change.   

A conversation we’ve had before—  if we can recognize how we’ve been programmed (because we all have- through family, education, religion, media, social, entertainment, etc),  We can then begin to deprogramming by questioning what it is, and who we really are.  

Why we act the way we do, why we do the things we do...
Going back to observing and from neutral perspectives-- are we moving through life automatically, with our subconscious and inner children running our lives, OR are we Reclaiming Our Sovereignty, and taking Full Responsibility, accountability, and understanding consciously what we are choosing and co-creating in life.  

So ya. its a very lovely, lovely transit, an Empowering transit- Venus in Leo is really a courageous transit for all of us. Open Hearts, Brave Souls is what this is encompassing.  

Venus does oppose Pluto at 0° Aquarius for the first few days of entering Leo.  So if it’s intense outside, let it be… but make notes, ask yourself why you may be feeling the way you are.  There is possibility for power struggles and control, manipulation and secrets, underlying uncomfortably that bothers you,  but not quite sure what it is…  Where this is coming from is only asking you to take a deeper look and dive into it… b/c this is what Pluto does, peels back the layers upon layers… to reveal the Truth in Our Core.  

Always check where Leo may fall in your natal chart too- as this is the house that will be affected by this transit, and in particular 12-28° Leo which is where her retrograde will happen.  

Will post more as we go especially with her Retrograde late July - early September, but Happy Venus in Leo friends… Open Hearts, Brave Souls. Shine Bright.  

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