Scorpio Full Moon (4°18' | 07:48HKT)

There is so much integration magic surrounding this Full Moon in Scorpio, 04°18’ at 07:48HK (23 Apr | 16:48PST).

Feminine, Fixed Water energy~  Scorpio embodies one of the the deepest most introspective journeys amongst all the signs; the dive into the underworld and the depths of our subconscious, the psyche, and our shadows- waiting to be transformed, transmuted, and alchemized.  

It is the excavation and also the strength, bravery, and courage to be radically vulnerable with ourselves…

It is full, complete release and shedding~ knowing that death brings rebirth, evolution, Growth, and expansion is the only next step.

And the purge isn’t comfortable,
but it is necessary.

Full Moons are where the Sun and the Moon sit exactly 180° opposite from one another on the astrological wheel, the Moon reflecting all of the Sun’s light; to shine upon our subconscious and unconscious, bringing awareness into the forefront, into our consciousness.  It is a ~2 day period of observation, of breathing it all in at the top of the mountain~ in being able to see clearly, to see in all directions-- and at the same time, choose which direction and path we proceed back down the mountain on.

This Full Moon is truly a culmination, as the Eclipse portal comes to a close,  Mercury stations direct the day after this Full Moon, and we are still very much in the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction energies.  

This Full Moon has one major influence, as it creates a square to its ruler: Pluto… bringing in even more tension, challenge, and possible intensity than it already would (as a normal Scorpio Full Moon).

Emotional highs & lows? Likely.
Deep excavation and introspection? Yes.
Shadow work of wounds and traumas? Definitely, to heal & release.

Release is necessary, it is part of how we integrate energies; experiencing life so that we can draw from it what resonates and is aligned to our beliefs, and release all else that doesn’t.  

To become more consciously aware of our inner worlds and our inner peace, yet also of the matrix programming, false narratives and stories, our wounds and our traumas, where the ego still continues to drive, rather than our Heart and Soul, or how we’ve come to where we are by connecting the dots in the decisions we’ve made or haven’t made.  

The energy of this Full Moon is here to illuminate all of it.

And while Grandmother Moon illuminates, we must remind ourselves not to drop into shame or guilt, to criticize ourselves for not making better decisions, or taking action or inaction, should’ve, would’ve’s… but rather~ to observe and to take responsibility, personal accountability for it all.  

The past is the past, and it is for us to learn.

However if we stay stuck IN the past, we forgo the opportunities, potential, and the beauty of the present (and the future, all at once).  

What stories are we still holding onto, keeping us from our most abundant and happy selves?  Taurus sits on the other side of Scorpio and is about experiencing and enjoying all of life’s pleasures.  It is the epitome of lush greenery, our Divine Mother Earth, in all that she has to offer us, all her love and abundance that exists, and as an extension of all the abundance that exists in our Universe.  

So what are we detaching from, purging, and deep clearing so that we can enter and embrace Lives full of Joy, fulfillment, abundance, wealth, Freedom and love? Or anything else our Heart desires?

And as we detach, what are we choosing to step into~ that shows ourselves more care, love, authenticity, and honoring both our Human-ness and our Soul? 

Allow yourself to become vulnerable.  To confront the parts of yourself that you’ve been avoiding.  To not keep secrets from yourself, or stay in denial, bypass, or disillusionment. 

To face your fears, so that you can Reclaim your POWER.  

To understand that YOU are CAPABLE of Change- at anytime, wherever, whenever.

Release the blocks that box you in.  The Mind that limits yet remember your SOUL IS LIMITLESS.  Who you are today is not necessarily who you will be tomorrow, or who you were yesterday.  ALLOW yourself, to be. 

Hold patience, grace, forgiveness, and most importantly, to keep your heart open, even if it wants to close.

Through this Full Moon and as we continue to move into Taurus Season, there is one key word: SIMPLIFY.

Life doesn’t have to be complicated, yet societal structures, our minds, and ego can make it out to be.  Life moves so fast, by external design, so how can we slow it down, and stay present?  How can we intentionally slow down to embrace every experience?

And so in these energies, we have Scorpio to filter, to cut, to let go and eliminate everything except What really matters to you.  Your priorities, your needs, wants, and desires, your dream life.  What really matters to you? 

Because Anything and Everything is Possible, and it’s all based on your frequency.
what are you calling in, is what frequency you’re resonating at.  Scorpio energy is magnetic, it attracts, it does not chase. 


In this life~ we are here to become Masters of our own Energy, which in turn, is that we are becoming Masters of our Destiny.

And it begins with our Thoughts.  Because Thoughts are Things, and hold energy.  
(yes, repeating myself).  Keep them simple.  Don't overcomplicate.  Don't fall into the rabbit hole or the downward spiral.  We are here to learn how to Master the Mind... 

Moving through Scorpionic energies and the Underworld can be scary, bringing up fears, worries, shame, guilt, and all the wounds~ and it’s been shown that many humans would choose pain if it’s familiar (or conditioned) vs. freedom if unfamiliar.  

Creatures of habit? perhaps~
yet this is the Moon to release those habits, thoughts, beliefs which aren’t in our highest potential- where we continue to self-abandon, self-sabotage, and self-neglect…

It’s time to release so we can change and rewrite our stories from here on out.
The Rebirth, rising from the ashes. 

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio loves,
Stay gentle with yourselves, and hydrate.


Check where 4°18’ Scorpio sits in your natal chart. This will be the area of life which is being illuminated by the Full Moon.

Yes to Full-Moon bathing.
Cleanse your crystals, your space, and your Self.  sacred smoke.
Solo self-care. Grounding. Nourish. Salt baths. The ocean. Stay hydrated.

Old stories, unaligned beliefs, poor habits, or whatever else needs to purge:
Fire element to alchemize,
Water element to cleanse, renew, and purify.

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