Aries Super New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

is the newborn of the zodiac.

It is the I AM, I AM HERE.

There is so much about this Eclipse Season, and part of it is, the concentration of Aries Energy including the Nodes of Fate, a Mercury Rx and this Super New Moon being perfectly conjunct Chiron.  Since July 2023 we’ve been traveling through karmic energy of Aries/Libra as a Collective.  It has been, and continues to be very much about ME and We, but the direction is actually the ME IN the We, and making sure that we aren’t putting ourselves second; because this life is ours.  

And No (wo)man is an island.  Yes, WE matters; as Humans, we are social creatures, with the needs and wants of belonging, collaboration, cohesiveness, and full acceptance for who we are, however if we aren’t fully accepting of ourselves first, how can others accept who we truly are?

And so Aries energy emerges, the courage to be who we are, to know what we need and want from a very primal and instinctual base, and to not hold back in our desires and our passions.  It is a sense of our identity untainted by the World, and a burst of vibrant energy to initiate, willpower and drive, and that instinctual push of what gets us out of bed every morning.

It is an energy that is FULL of LIFE, yet ironically in its lowest vibration can exhibit rage, violence, and war~ which very much can lead to Death.  

This Total Solar Eclipse at 19° Aries is the story of the Self, our identity, and our needs.  For a few months now, the question of “What does your dream life look and feel like” has been coming forwards, and this Moon wants to solidify this.  It invites, and urges us to think about the direction we’re headed and if it’s what we truly want. In Who we are, How we are showing up on the daily (our habits, discipline and dedication to our priorities), and What we are choosing to co-create.

It is accountability for our Self and this Life.

Eclipses can offer clarity, renewed perspectives, and karmic cleansing~ of what is, and isn’t working, or no longer aligned.  Are we recognising how life works in cycles, spirals, and patterns; and if so... the question is, have we learned our lessons yet?

Paired with a Mercury Retrograde in Aries (all Mercury retrogrades are in fire signs this year btw), the energy brings a more inwards reflection, rather than a typical outwards/action packed Aries season, yet questions the reasons to why and how we take action, and what’s most important to us~ defined by our needs.

This period holds immense opportunity for healing of the Self and our identity.  This Eclipse conjuncts Chiron, and isn’t a minor scratch to our ego, but feels more like an excavation deep into our psyche, bringing forth childhood memories, traumas, and wounds.  Uncomfortable? Very

These are conversations with the shadows of the Self; perhaps how we continue to give away/relinquish our power, act against our integrity, stay silent, or deny the fullest expression of our true identity or needs.

Who am I, why am I here? Chiron in Aries is the story of what may feel like forcing, or trying to be relevant in identifying who we are vs. who we truly are, standing in our authenticity.

So the discomfort? Sit with it.  Be comfortable with being uncomfortable, because Chiron always shows us how our greatest wounds can become our greatest teachers.

Mars as the ruler of this Eclipse sits with Saturn in Pisces and the two are exactly conjunct a few days after this Eclipse.  The blending of these energies are a way for us to redefine and re-establish boundaries that are needed as we re-imagine and re-implement structures that enable us to act in ways that make us feel alive and WHOLE.  

This is a powerful combination of willpower and responsibility, in knowing that we are here to co-create and manifest our dreams into reality.  There really isn’t anything stopping us... except ourselves.  (aka, don't be your own c***block).

A quick mention of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus which are within the orb already, though their exact meeting comes two weeks post eclipse on the 21st~ just before the Full Moon in Scorpio.  This will bring so much abundance, awareness, brilliance, and progressiveness into our lives.  That after this conjunction, life probably won’t be the same~ but which timeline you choose to be on (Expansive, or Chaotic), is entirely up to you.  Thus stay your path, eliminate the low frequencies, stay in your highest integrity, and align to your moral compass, No.Matter.What.   

The Universe rewards aligned action, and this meeting will help solidify the ways in which your needs will be met~ as defined by you, for this Aries eclipse.  

Eclipse energies are gifts.  They are blessings, in their own way, even if abit volatile, yes. Unknown and uncertain, yes.  However If you are staying centered, grounded, and have found the key to your inner peace; the eclipse can widen the portal to your Soul even more.  Allowing you to connect even deeper- to joy, to happiness, to love, and to yourself.  

The energies are beautifully abundant, and extremely healing if you are willing to observe and receive.  Moving us into the passage of rebirth, into the Age of Aquarius, and our next evolution. There is a treasure trove of energies in this Aries Solar Eclipse.  

The Sabian Symbol for this Eclipse carries hope~  “A Young Girl Feeding Birds in the Winter.” ~

Seeing life as a constant opportunity to experience love.
Life’s very harshness is what enables us to learn of love’s unfathomable depth.
"Being innocent and fearless in love"

Nature is harsh – people and animals suffer and starve, and they die. Yet without harshness compassion could not exist; there would be no place for it. There is no higher purpose than to live life as a constant expression of compassionate love. This is neither fanciful nor sentimental love; it is feeding the hungry stranger.

- james burgess

A beautiful symbol to recognize, and return to the courage that is held in the sign of Aries… feisty, fiery, independent, eager, and as driven as it can be, there is an innocence, purity, and unspoken love to this sign’s energy which we mustn’t forget… that resides in each one of us.

2023 was the Year of Reclamation— of our own authority, our will, and our power and this theme continues into 2024 as the Year of Ceremony-- Commitment to ourselves through rituals, routines, declarations of Self-Love, and Celebrations in honoring the sacredness of LIFE.

Happy Eclipse loves,


Ps: for friends with personal planets at 19° of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Cardinal, be gentle with yourselves... comfort never brings growth, but getting uncomfortable does. big hugs.

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