April 2024

April is a massive month, probably THE most influential, powerful, potent, and inspirational of 2024.

And with this cosmic energy, we must remember to stay centered, and as grounded as possible. Focused, disciplined, and dedicated.  This incoming energy is robust, and full of excitement~ a rollercoaster at that~ and it’s really (always) up to us, to make the most of it.

So buckle up buttercups.  We’re going for a ride.


We are very much in the Eclipse portal as we enter April, and only 9 days away from the second of the eclipses, the Aries New Moon Total Solar Eclipse.  These energies can be intense, as they are wildcards and gifts from the Universe.  Though once feared by ancient civilizations, we know now, there is nothing to be fearful of, but to receive these cosmic alignments with openness, observation, and honest self reflection.

The eclipses affect each of us differently as we are all in different stages of life and our Soul’s journey.  Though it’s true that the eclipse portal can be a bit more challenging or intense, friends who have personal planets in Cardinal signs may be feeling it more these days.  ( 5° or 19° of Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn)

You may also be feeling exhausted or a bit off, which can be attributed to the lunar energies as the Moon governs us all~
so a key reminder is to flow, rather than force.
Eclipses can bring periods of of uncertainty~ but isn’t that life?

A gentle reminder that control is an illusion. To soothe the ego.  But there is so much more than our ego~ and asks us to check in with our trust, our faith, and belief.  That what comes, is meant to be… For a reason.  And it may not be evident yet, but perhaps 6 -18 months from now it will be (this just happens to be the eclipse cycle).   

You may also review patterns from ~18.5 years ago~ Spring 2005, where were you?  What were you up to, and what key themes were you experiencing then, that have resurfaced now, though on a different layer of the life spiral?  How have you grown and matured through wisdom and being?

This was the last time the NN was in Aries/SN Libra, and we are closing out cycles of those old karmic stories, ways of thinking, doing, and being... we've changed since then, and so with this Aries New Moon Total Eclipse we begin a new chapter, for the next 18.5 years, in writing our new destiny.

There is so much ARIES energy this month; and to have the Eclipse portal during Aries season PLUS the Mercury Rx IN Aries, speaks to the energies of this raw power, primal instinct, drive, willpower, and self-inititation.  It is our resourcefulness, MacGyver style (those a bit younger may need to look up this reference), yet also prioritizing our passions and knowing what we want- and not being afraid to go after them.  Unapologetic, initiating, and fearless.

The retrograde period will allows us to review, reflect, and recalibrate~ to redefine and reorganise ourselves for the rest of the year ahead.  To redesign and realign with our passions and our dreams, and to ensure that we are initiating ourselves to achieve them all.  

April 2024 Key Dates (based on HKT, so a day could vary if you’re elsewhere in the world)

2:      Mercury Stations Retrograde at 27° Aries.
5:      Sun conjunct NN 15° Aries, Venus enters Aries
9:      Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, 19° conjunct Chiron
11:    Mars conjunct Saturn 14° Pisces
12:    Mercury Rx Cazimi 22° Aries
18:    Venus conjunct NN 15° Aries
19:    Venus conjunct Mercury Rx 17° Aries, Mars sextile Jupiter, Sun enters Taurus
20:    Mars sextile Uranus
21:    Jupiter conjunct Uranus 21° Taurus
22:    Sun square Pluto
24:    Full Moon 4° Scorpio
25:    Mercury stations direct 16° Aries (post shadow till 13 May)
29:    Mars conjunct Neptune 29° Pisces, Venus enters Taurus
30:    Mars enters Aries



Mercury Rx in Aries (2 Apr - 25 Apr)
It’s true Retrogrades can be inconveniences yes, but only because they are opportunities to go back and revisit.  The Re’s of reflecting, revising, reviewing so that we can redirect, redefine, restructure, and refocus, as needed.   

This retrograde in Aries is extremely powerful as it carries the energy of Mars, its ruler~ encouraging us to pursue our dreams and desires.  Yet we must know what they are to begin with~ and this Rx period allows us to do just this. To rediscover what our passions are, or where they lie, in all our authenticity… and to re-ignite the primal fires within.

It’s significance, as mentioned earlier is its uncanny, yet Divine timing set in the Eclipse Portal~ to allow us to review and redirect what is needed, to release what is no longer needed, and to recalibrate and re-envision ALL that it is we wish to initiate and seed into Life.  Eclipse portals are magic, they are mystery, and extremely karmic.  They allow for old and existing cycles to be purged, and for individuals to realign with their destiny.  

This retrograde will test many of us, our reactivity and fiery communication, as Aries low expression can be feisty, blunt and direct with no filter, no care or consideration for others, as well as projecting.  Mind your manners and your words~ like a toothpaste tube analogy, once the words come out, they cannot be put back in.

There are a few planetary contact points during this retrograde cycle, where Chiron and Venus will both conjunct Mercury Rx (15, 19/4 respectively).  Both of these days will call for extra compassion, love, gentleness, as well as healing in the way we speak to ourselves, and to others.  Patience, softening, and tenderness of the Heart, over the Mind.

The 12th of April also marks the Mercury Cazimi (Mercury conjunct the Sun), and the halfway point of the retrograde.  There is always a level of newfound clarity with any Cazimi, and this should be no different.  Mental Clarity aligned with our essence and identity; how we express ourselves in our biggest, brightest, and fullest expression… to shine as the Sun does.  May this Cazimi illuminate the ways we continue to dim, or to play safe, or stay small; and change all of this moving forwards.  

We were not born to be or play small, but to live our largest, grandest, most brave and luminous life possible.

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse, 19° Aries (9/Apr)
This New Moon is one to remember, pivotal and full of punch. The very first of our Cosmic new year, and a Total Solar eclipse, at that.  There is a lot of firepower to this Moon, and so much to look forwards to.  Aries is the sign of the newborn, and this is a rebirth for us all.  Eclipses are not ones to set intentions or rituals but to observe and soak it all in.  The Eclipse is the ritual… and the Universe will show us what we need to know, and what to act upon once we’re through.

The key to this Eclipse will be healing through themes of the self, where we continue to self-sabotage or self-abandon; how we continue to prioritize others over ourselves or doubt our capabilities.  How we choose to show up, commit, and take initiative in our lives. Laziness and lack of action, or violence and rage may also be revealed, as the lower expressions of Aries… thus we must learn to rise to the higher expressions of this cardinal fire sign: of self-initiation, independence, empowerment, as well as clarity in creating and being constructive and productive with the energies.

* additional Moon Notes to be posted.

Mars conjunct Saturn (11/Apr)
As the ruler of Aries; Mars currently transits Pisces and will meet Saturn this month as well.  Mars in Pisces are the dreams worth fighting for, and conjunct Saturn we are initiating and building for the long term.  This is a beautiful and synergistic energy~ when Mars and Saturn come together they can achieve SO much, yet in their lower vibration can also create issues of stagnancy and suppression, frustration and delay, control and manipulation.

These two planets meet on the 11th, just after the Total Solar Eclipse, and work in following-up in taking action to the Eclipse Portal~ what steps need to be taken as we continue to choose ourselves and committing to our dreams in making them our reality.  

Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus (21/Apr)
One of the biggest meetings this year, Jupiter meets Uranus in Taurus.  The last time this occurred was in 1941, and interestingly enough, the North Node was in Libra/SN Aries (opposite of what it is now).  

Jupiter and Uranus only meet once every 14 years, thus this is the initiation of a brand new cycle. 

This combined energy will focus on Tauresean themes: of self-worth, our values, love, relationships, physical and material security including finances and money, and especially of Abundance.    This will be an extremely fertile period, though can also be disruptive, as Uranus is the Great Awakener: sudden, shocking, and unpredictable, yet encourages us to break through, and break-free of old stories and narratives, including scarcity/poverty vows.  The Energy can feel like rocket boosters or roller coasters in our own expansion of self-worth and personal security; thrilling and exhilarating, manifesting happiness and joy, all while experiencing the beauty of life through the senses.  

New opportunities and possibilities may open doors, and risks are to be taken, as luck is on your side.  To take advantage and swiftness in action will be key— the energy is inspirational, aspirational, and for our future.

We will be feeling these energies starting the beginning of April, and will peak from the 15th - 26th, 20/21st exact (depending on your geo location).  

Full Moon 4° Scorpio (24/Apr)
Moon notes will return this lunation, however the Full Moon in Scorpio is always of purging, death, and release.  Whatever is meant to be shed from the Eclipse portal, may this be the Moon to finally do so.  And we are constantly rebirthing and releasing, as it doesn’t end… but are of cycles upon cycles, as Scorpio teaches us.  

This Full Moon actually connects back to the last set of Nodes (Taurus NN/Scorpio SN) from January 2022- July 2023,  in particular the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse from 5 May, 2023. During that eclipse, the SN was exactly at 4° Scorpio, where this Full Moon sits.  It is the final chapter for that cycle of nodes, closing out and finally ending the last 18.5 year cycle; with only newness and open opportunities waiting for us… that lies ahead.

* additional Moon Notes to be posted.

Personal Planetary Movements: Venus and Mars
Both Mars and Venus will ingress into new signs during the month of April.  When personal planets shift signs, we feel the affects more directly in our everyday lives. On the 5th Venus moves into Aries, joining the Sun and Mercury, and after a quick 3+ weeks, on the 29th she will move into Taurus, her home. 

Venus in Aries is bold with her emotions, her loves, and her values.  She is direct, perhaps a bit more blunt, and isn't afraid to express herself.  She lets you know what she wants and needs, and it isn't a bad thing at all, especially as we move through the Eclipse portal, Mercury Rx in Aries, and everything else combined... Venus in Aries won't leave you guessing because she's already told you her heart's desires.  All you need to do is listen, and respond. 

Venus in Taurus on the otherhand is all about comfort, security, and enjoying the physical pleasures that life has to offer.  Luxury, food & drink, material, and experience through the senses, she is grounded, stable, and nourishing.  Venus in Taurus will question our values and our finances; are we staying aligned to ourselves and are we building/co-creating in accordance to our values?  A beautiful transit as Venus rules Taurus; full of nurturance, care, and abundance. 

On the 30th, Mars will also moves into Aries, his natural home, where he will transit until June 9th, 2024.  This energy is fiery, go-getting, and empowering... where courage and bravery come to the foreground, with strength and determination in the driver's seat.  During this transit, we will all feel an increase in our energy, a helpful and much needed boost, to counter the Mercury Rx and Eclipse Season post-feels.  Mars in Aries can however be reckless, impatient, and lacks follow-through, so be mindful of the lower expressions of this energy, to maximize it's productivity and blessings. 

Whew! What a recap, and will post in stories as we move through the days…  but what an incredible month we have ahead.  

Happy April loves,
so much potential and growth on the horizon.

I’m here if you need, Soul sessions & readings are open for April, just dm.

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