Year of the Wood Dragon, Medicine

The Lunar Year of the Wood Dragon.  Signifying Potential. Growth. Expansion.  Yet also the end of a cycle in Chinese Astrology~ thus with endings and death, new beginnings and rebirth. Alchemy is Dragon medicine, also in alignment with our current Plutonian energies.

May we embrace the medicine of the Wood Dragon this year in it’s highest expression: Wisdom, Presence, Power, and Magic.

In knowing that we are called to connect with these magnificent creatures in our own unique way, befriending our own inner dragons, and leaning into their guidance through this year.

1. Strength, Courage, & Personal Empowerment
2. Gentle Fierceness, Action, & Integrity
3. Alchemy
4. Ancient Wisdom & Old Souls
5. Inner Peace
6. Respect & Harmony with Mother Nature

✧ Strength, Courage, & Personal Empowerment
Dragons are creatures who hold incredible strength. They are courageous, and do not let anything or anyone stand in their way.  They hold their own Agency, Authority, Confidence, and Power— and remind us to do the same.  This is a year for personal growth and Self-Empowerment. To continue reclaiming our own power~ where we’ve given it away (consent, knowingly or unknowingly)… and to return to our Sovereign Selves, just as the Dragons are.

✧ Gentle Fierceness, Action & Integrity.
The highest vibration of Dragons are knowing a certain time and place for everything.  When to wield the fierceness, and when to tender the flame. For fury, anger, rage, and destruction can easily be the wrath of the Dragon in it’s lowest vibration- but kindness, compassion, loyalty, and integrity is a choice too— yet also knowing Not to put up with anyone’s BS.  Calling it out as it is, and not afraid to stand up/speak up for the Truth and protect those who may not have as strong a voice as yours too.   Stay in your utmost alignment, and check in with your moral compass often.

✧ Alchemy
Dragons are known for their alchemy and magic.  Alchemy is  the power of transformation but in betterment; thus may we each learn to become Masters of Alchemy this year.   Transforming all that we do not need or want, into what we do.  In taking what we already have, or what life may throw our way… as it goes, “when life gives you lemons… you make lemonade, candied lemons, cure a cold, and so much more.”

It is the power we each hold in turning Sh*t to Gold.  Find your magic, and make it work.  It begins with yourself, faith, belief, and in doing- because you can.

✧ Ancient Wisdom & Old Souls
We all have the ability to access ancient wisdom, and I believe most of us are Old Souls, meeting again in this frequency.  Re-incarnated over many, many, many lifetimes.  

Trust your inner knowing, the whispers that come from your Soul, because your Soul is connected to the Divine.   Your Soul is a spark of the Divine, and has been since the beginning of time.  Learn to quiet, listen, and receive.

✧ Inner Peace
Some Dragons live in the mountains, some underwater, some above the clouds, and our Wood Dragons in the forest.  Their frequency is much higher than an average human, perhaps that’s why we cannot see them with our two eyes anymore.  Or perhaps they just know that you don’t always have to be out and about, and the importance of rest and recharge.  
Of honouring stillness and Inner Peace.  

May we too, continue to center and ground ourselves this year, anchoring our feet firmly into the ground like the trees, our roots~ so that no matter what storms may come, we will not wilt nor fall.  Dig deeper into your Heart and Your Soul.  Immovable Inner Peace.

✧ Respect & Harmony with Mother Nature  
The Dragon is the Great Protector.  And the Wood Dragon, protector of the little creatures and animals in the forest; and the forest- a part of our Mother Earth.   May we learn to live with increased respect and harmony with Mother Nature and all the beings upon the Earth as WHOLE… protecting one another from harm and the evils of the World.  Animals are our teachers.  The Plants are our teachers, the elements and crystals, All Our teachers.  

May we learn to live with more respect for all, listening and learning from one another, all of our Divine Mother’s creations have their story and wisdom to share.  The Respect for LIFE.

Wishing everyone a Magnificent Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon filled with incredible Health, Abundance, Wisdom, Alignment, and Authenticity.

and ps: Dragons are Real.

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