Energetic Update: Week of 12-18 Nov, 2023

For the past few weeks, I’ve been sounding like a broken record, in terms of advising/suggesting grounding and the importance of grounding practices; embodiment, and being rooted and anchored in the physical body.   

This has been preparation for us all, because there are a lot of Cosmic energies and activations for the incoming week of November 12-18, 2023.  Perhaps one of the most volatile, and potentially most turbulent and chaotic, energetic week of 2023.  


Enter: Mars, Ceres, the Sun and the Moon opposing Uranus on the Scorpio/Taurus axis…, oh! and Pluto, the North Node & Eris square dance in the background… The rest of November is quite Cosmically packed, though for our transformation and growth, always.  

In moving into this coming week (and always):
The first thing we must remember is that We Always Have a CHOICE.
The choice to channel the Cosmic energies that are available to us~ into Constructive and Productive, rather than Destructive. (refer back to November Gentle Reminders)

And the second thing we must remember is to STAY OUT of Fear.
Fear as we know is a low frequency.  In worries, anxiety, tension, or stress~ we must stay present with our mind and our thoughts...where they wander or run off to, we can ensure we are allowing the feelings, but to not get stuck or spiral down into them.  Acknowledging, processing, and moving through...

Knowledge is always power~ however action must be taken…
otherwise knowing is the same as not knowing at all.  


We kick off this coming week with the Moon first entering Scorpio early Sunday morning 02:39HKT.  This sets the stage for the entire week~ as we move into the balsamic Moon phase, it is of stillness and quieting just before arriving to the New Moon on the 13th (17:27HKT | 13:27PST).  The dark moon is for reflection and rest, in preparation for what lies ahead.  Always a good practice to settle and retreat, during this phase of the moon.

Shortly after the Moon moves into Scorpio, Mars will oppose Uranus Rx~ and this energy runs through the entire week.  

Monday the 13th:
    New Moon at 20°44’ Scorpio, where the Sun & Moon sit with Mars, all opposing Uranus.

Tuesday the 14th:
     The Sun opposes Uranus Rx exactly, and the Moon moves into Sagittarius, immediately squares Saturn, then conjuncts Mercury and sextiles Venus

Wednesday the 15th:
    The Moon trines Chiron Rx

Thursday the 16th:
    The Moon trines the North Node and squares Neptune, then moves into Capricorn

Friday the 17th:
    The Moon trines Jupiter Rx, squares Venus, and Chiron Rx, while Mars & the Sun both trine Neptune Rx

Saturday the 18th:
    Mars Cazimi 25°37’ Scorpio (Mars conjunct the Sun)


If you’ve been feeling a bit off, uneasy, or restless… this is probably why.  
These energies are unstable, un-grounding, and can be unexpected, and unnerving.  

Mars in Scorpio energy is raw firepower.  It is intense; penetrating, and excavating; it dives into the Underworld and brings up our shadows.  Yet it is our warrior spirit, of our passions, determination, and drive~ power of initiation and self-motivation, however also can become destructive and of war (Mars in Scorpio post here).

Uranus in Taurus is the Great Awakener, urging us towards the leveling-up and next evolution of the Self.  It is anything but tradition~ rather, of disruptors, riots & rebellions, free-thinking, tech and future, and of break-downs and ultimately break-throughs.  And in the sign of Taurus where he has been traveling since May of 2018, this relates to shaking up our physical safety and security, stability, and material resources.  It is also of Mother Earth and her resources, as well as money and finances, hence the “climate change” movement, the recent “natural disasters”, as well as the instability of the markets, economy, and the traditional/old systems of 3D Physical World.

Uranus can also hyperactivate our nervous systems, and create extra buzzing or anxiety in the body too.  

This Mars/Uranian energy combined can result in acting out and projections in the most intense and extreme of ways.  It is impatient, that creates frustration and irritability, leading to possible sudden outbursts. It is explosive energy, uncontained, and tense, very much volcanic and earth shaking.  If you find yourself (your ego) projecting, please pause.  If you’re being projected upon, know what’s yours and what isn’t.  Walk away and maintain awareness in the environments you place yourself in for the next week.  Who you surround yourself with, and by.

Slow down when in the car, remember to buckle your seatbelt, and be careful with fire and knives, cuts and burns, as this energy can be accident prone.

Flow, and Stay Open & Flexible.  Rigidity during these times can be extremely uncomfortable, and any resistance towards Uranus can come back tenfold.  Uranus is to awaken, and to break through, and these energies when worked with in the highest vibration~ are here to free us from what keeps us chained, corded, and bonded. 

Mars & the Sun in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus in it's highest vibration, is the energy of LIBERATION and FREEDOM.


As the Mars/Uranian energies play out in our personal lives this week, they will also play out on the World’s stage; for what is currently happening in the Collective is a  reflection of our combined individual consciousness.   As we sit upon our own unhealed wounds, tramuas, and suppressed pains, at this time ALL is being being excavated and brought into the light (ahhh Scorpio Season), in the form of Collective reality.  Yet as we learn to heal and Rise Above (staying out of duality)... may we see that these are the forms of humanity's unhealed wounds. That truly, we each contribute to the Whole.

Evil has always existed, and it seems as if the World has been worsening… but it has not.  Darkness has always been there, but more hidden— and as more of us are awakened to it; more of the darkness has been brought into the light.

This is why it’s so important that we continue to do our own healing work; in our journeys and paths to releasing all that isn’t ours.  In rediscovering our true selves; rather than that which we were told who to be.  To learn how to love ourselves unconditionally; rather than trying to prove ourselves and our self-worth to others/the external.  To understand and know that we are deserving, and our Souls are already perfect.  To remember, We are a Soul, merely having a human experience.

This energy is absolutely transformational and especially during Scorpio season, is not easy.  And there is no end to Shadow-work, but it is a lifelong commitment and the most radical act of Self-Love… to face what lies beneath the surface, in choosing to honour and return to Your Soul and connection to the Divine/Source/God/Goddess.


This is why Grounding is/has been stressed so much in recent weeks; in preparing ourselves to stay in and connected to the physical body; despite what may be happening in the external World.  Seeking productive outlets to channel the excess of energies, like exercise and movement.  Healthy eating habits to keep our vessels clean, less dense, so that we can be more discerning in the energies.  Shadow work is not only of the mind/conceptual/intellectual, emotional, or spiritual, but is also extremely physical, as the body keeps the score~ and the cells hold our trauma (yes, inner child trauma, even when the brain has forgotten).  Therefore, continue to check in with yourself and your body~ Full Embodiment; however this looks like for you.  

Especially for those who have any planets ~21° of Fixed Signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius), please take extra good care of yourselves during this week.  

We must remember that whatever happens in the external worlds, we must maintain our inner peace.

So as you proceed into this coming week, continue to nourish and nurture, and return to your sacred space: the Heart... and Breathe.  


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