The First Full Month of the New Timeline (April 2023)

As we enter April, we begin Q2 of the Gregorian calendar, yet the Natural cycles and Cosmic year have only just begun.  For who really said it was a good idea to start the new year in the middle of the Winter- when all of Mother Nature was still sleeping and hibernating?  

And did you know this supposedly is where Aprils’ Fools Day originated?  The year 1582 when the implementation of  the artificial time matrix (12:60) called the Gregorian calendar said January was now the first month of the year…  perhaps with intentions to disrupt our natural rhythms & cycles and a way to separate us from the Divine Mother.  

Yet when we begin to reconnect to the Mother— Our Mother Earth, we see that Spring, and the Spring equinox makes more sense as the beginning of the new year, as the cycles of rebirth begin once again.

April, though the 4th month, is the first full month of our new timeline.  We are still in Aries season, of new beginnings and new chapters waiting to be written, aligned action taken, and the focus on the Self.

This is a month that supports rapid expansion and growth (this is only the beginning!) but not without rolling up our sleeves and getting to work especially in the themes of relationships and finances; building new foundations and co-creating with the Divine every step of the way.  Because as the planets align, may we continue to refine ourselves in the new timeline we’ve chosen.  

May we continue to tidy our environments, our thoughts, beliefs, habits, patterns, decisions, actions, belongings, and relationships—

For the Libra Full Moon on the 6th will speak ALL to our relationships.  It will ask us to review where we stand with our relationships vs our Self— and how this works into the balance, harmony, and support we feel with others.  Our inner wounds and traumas may be highlighted too, as the Sun sits with Chiron in Aries, relating to issues of co-dependency, dependency, trust, self-worth and value, giving & receiving, as well as how we define love, especially in instances of conditional and unconditional.   

This Full Moon is to help us see what we haven’t been able to see, to shine the light upon what we’ve not been aware of, hidden in our subconscious, or have pushed away— but now moves front and center.  Chiron is the wounded healer; the teacher, and the way we may transform our wounds into gold.  (Full moon post to come.)

Mercury has now moved into the practical sign of Taurus (4/4)— and on Friday, 7 April, Mercury moves into the pre-shadow retrograde period (5° Taurus), where we may be all too familiar with this routine.  Tech and communication snafu’s, misunderstandings, electronic fun-ness… begin backing up your data, Now.  

May we always be reminded that retrogrades are a chance to review, reflect, and revise.  Mercury Rx in Taurus is an invitation to step back and re-assess, and especially to slow down— especially in the finance department of our lives.   The retrograde officially begins on the 21st, just after our Black Moon in Aries and Mercury stations direct on May 15th (though remains in the post rx shadow till June 1st).

11/Apr: Venus moves into Gemini, giving life to the social scene.  She will dance, play, and commune. Meetings over happy hour, curiosity ignited, and perhaps social encounters fleeting.

12/APR: The annual conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter falls on the 12th of this month, however we’ll be feeling these energies from about the 5th - 16th.  This window can be as expansive as you believe~ if not more.  How are you growing, learning, manifesting? A good time to check in to ensure you are staying conscious and present with your thoughts and actions; aligned with your goals and dreams.  Are you staying committed to your Self? Disciplined in your actions and have consistency?  Mars trine Saturn energies are towards the tail end of their transit however hopefully you’ve been using these energies wisely and to your benefit.   

“Fortune favours the Bold”… be courageous enough to step outside of your comfort zone, but also in what you believe in and stand for.  Travel, exploration, and going on an adventure during this period may also prove extremely fulfilling, though stay mindful not to over-extend yourself.  

20/APR: Eclipse season is upon us in April!  On the 20th we have the second Aries New Moon (also known as a black moon- 2 new moons in the same sign) and this new moon is at 29°50’, right before the Sun slips into Taurus season.  This New Moon at 29° shows us the closing out of the old, at the anoretic degree is always one of reflection, wisdom, and endings.  Yet this eclipse portal will also catapult us, in quantum leaps and bounds… if we are ready and open to receiving.  

This Aries eclipse also sets the stage for the upcoming shift in the Nodes from Taurus/Scorpio axis to the Aries/Libra axis which will happen July 18, 2023.  

And with the Mercury Rx happening the day after this Aries Eclipse, Yes, this is an interesting line up of cosmic events… one can only guess what the eclipse portal may stir up… Especially in previewing the movement in the financial systems and push for CBDC… May we be reminded that Taurus is of the Earth and her resources.  And when dealing with financials and the Earth, Gold and Silver, precious metals do come to mind.  

This Eclipse portal and the coming shift in the nodes~ a preview of sorts… as always, moon notes to come.

One more note about the Eclipse— within 20 minutes of the Aries New Moon, the Moon moves into Taurus, followed by the Sun ~4 hours later.  Taurus is the Divine Feminine/Mother energy, and a chance for us to reconnect and find comfort, in her~ in nature.

21/APR: Mercury stations Retrograde in Taurus; the first full Mercury Rx of 2023, and we all know the drill.   Though this Rx and Taurus season as a whole will speak specifically to our finances, may we prep ourselves and focus on building stability in this area of our life.

24/APR: Sun conjunct NN- this is the last conjunction of the Sun and the NN in Taurus and can bring forth awareness in themes we’ve been working through personally and also a Collective since January 2022.  Self-Worth, awareness of boundaries and personal values, patience, persistence, gratitude, and nurturing from Mother Earth and her resources.  May we continue to strengthen our own boundaries, and what holds value to us… and release everything else which does not.  Same theme, but again, refinement as we’ve travelled through 26 degrees of the NN in Taurus and begin to wind down with better focus and understanding of our Self, building upon values and holding better direction of where we need to go and what we need to do.

This Month:
Continue to think and act with intention, staying conscious
Reconnect with Mother EARTH.

Her unconditional love for us is where we are able to anchor into our power— she is always supporting us.

Allow her to SUPPORT YOU.  Any emotions, feelings, density in emotions, imbalance or excess energy you may have, GROUND DOWN into her.   

We are of the Earth.
We are Earthlings.   

It is SO important that we re-establish our connection to her, and to her wisdom; even if it’s just a little each day.   Make a practice of this.  Taurus enjoys stability, security, and the familiar…   

The separation and the attack on the Divine Feminine/Mother principle is in full force and we must learn to embrace and embody our own Divine Feminine within, and it begins by reconnection with the Mother, through awareness, knowledge, compassion, and patience.  

May we remember that this life is OURS.  
That we may live our lives co-creating with the Divine on OUR terms, not on anyone else’s.

This is why pausing is so important so that we do not become automatic as we have been programmed to be.

Enjoy this month, this expansion, this growth (even if it can be uncomfortable).  The transition from Aries to Raurus is action yet also rest, but never completely stopping.  Always changing and transforming.  Building, co-creating, and knowing we are unconditionally loved and supported by our Cosmic Mother, Earth.
2023 is our Year of Refinement.  
Continue onwards, upwards, and further in.



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