Year of the Rabbit Medicine, 2023

We welcome the Year of the Water Rabbit and the first day of “spring” (立春) according to the Lunar Calendar.

We welcome the Year of the Water Rabbit, and Spring, the rebirth of life.  

Rabbits bring the medicine of hope, innocence, purity, gentleness, agility, quickness, as well as fertility and family.

Yet rabbit is also known as prey in the animal kingdom, action and quickness are key in life or death situations if predators are around.  Rabbits must stay alert and aware of their surroundings and environment at all times; always in the present.

In working with Rabbit medicine this year, some lessons from this furry teacher:

1. Stay out of Fear
2. Trust your Intuition
3. Act, don’t wait or sit on it.
4. The ability to detach and change directions.
5. Stay in the Present.

Rabbit is always on high alert, and calls to our fears— of death, of inadequacy, insecurity, of scarcity and poverty, abandonment, loneliness, rejection, failure…

With this coming year, it’s imperative we are present with our thoughts and stay out of fear.  The external narrative will continue to get louder, more chaotic, and create fear and negativity— and as we know, fear is one of the lowest frequencies and can also decrease our immune system.  

Stay out of Fear, Mind your Thoughts, and Master them.  

Rabbit can connect us to the Moon and Divine Feminine energy; of fertility and flow.  Rabbit must always trust its intuition, without second guessing itself.  

Trust your Inner knowing.  

For rabbit, a split second can mean life or death.  Just as we are given opportunities in life, doors open and close, it’s up to us to take (aligned) action.  This year, the time will seems like its speeding up, and it is… so act. don’t wait.  If you need confirmation, ask for clear confirmation, but when you receive it, don’t deny it.  So many times we can ask the Divine/Universe/God/Goddess for clarity, but if we don’t take it, what an insult that is.  

Be open to receiving, and TAKE ACTION.

Just as when predators come after the rabbit as prey, rabbit must be able to change directions and zig zag to be able to save its life.  Be able to change directions as needed.  If all doesn’t go with your plan, be able to detach and keep moving.  Staying attached (to plans, memories, beliefs, goals, etc) can actually limit your potential… because what if, your potential is EVEN GREATER and MORE INCREDIBLE than what you originally believed?

Worrying about the future doesn’t get us anywhere, nor does reminiscing of the past.  Stay present, as we have the greatest power RIGHT NOW.  To co-create whatever it is we want. To change our story. To heal our wounds, love ourselves fully, and step into our true selves— beginning in this very moment.  

Whatever it is you wish to co-create, whatever it is you want to manifest, remember~ our current habits and beliefs determine our future.

Our Power is in the Present Moment.

May the wisdom of Rabbit support you this lunar year.
Wishing you abundance, good fortune, impeccable health, and light.  



Original date posted: 6 February 2023

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